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  1. Hello Everyone, We are back!! I want to do a detailed review when I can, but we are leaving for my daughters softball tournament in Las Vegas. We got in last night around 10:30pm.... First the wedding and the trip was amazing! Our final headcount was 87 people and it really was unbelievable. I will say for us the closure did impact our stay a little, but they had almost everything done by the time we left. Just minor things like the planting all over the place, and only two restaurants open each night for dinner the first night my sister was there (all open as of Friday night). The department managers went above and beyond to show their appreciation of the stress that the closure caused us. In my review I will give department managers names because I really think it is important to know them and ask for them if you have special requests. For now I will say that the resort looks great and all of our guests were impressed with the food, service and the details of the wedding and reception.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by RoryS Has anyone ordered 2 entrees? My niece is going with the surf & turf combo (filet & shrimp), but has some non-beef/non-seafood eaters in the group. Can you order a chicken or veggie dish instead? If so, is there an additional charge? We are doing a salmon in puff pastry for our non-meat eaters and they did not charge us an extra fee for this.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by latinalocany does anyone have any of the menus from the resterants? I think my dad has this somewhere I will look for it. We found a website that had a ton of detailed info on the restaurants, it wasn't a Dreams site we googled Dreams Tulum restaurants. Food was very important to us as well and while I can't remember all the menus exactly it was all wonderful.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by can't wait! Joann, the resort puts everything together for you for no additional fee. You just need to give them your stuff. Speaking of ceremonies...does anyone have the text the minister uses for symbolic/religous ceremonies? I'm working on the ceremony program but not sure what the order is and what the minister will say. Also, has anyone gotten a response from ANY WC about details and such. I leave in less than two weeks and have several questions but they (as usual) don't answer. I have emailed Landy a few times to firm up last minute details and no response either...My sister leaves on Tuesday!! Well Nancy the tour lady in the lobby has gotten back to me quickly. So if nothing else we have a private snorkal ATV tour we are going on on Sunday. I have also tried to email the photographer and he in the past got back to me in less then a day and he hasn't responded either.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by can't wait! Amy, remember Chandra had to postpone her wedding because she was feeling ill and too much stress. (We're still thinking of you Chandra!) I believe the first one (at least on this forum) is 'sisterofthebrideerica' on the 22nd. And well, I can give you a full review ( and my leftover stuff ) in person! For the first time in a looooong time, I am actually super excited about my wedding! That is so great to hear. My sister actually called me this morning and said she woke up feeling excited about her wedding (finally) again!! That was music to my ears. I feel like there is so much to do now. I am contacting Nancy to book our ATV trip and my sister is working on a SCUBA trip too. We want to make out salon appts. too. I am hoping people are there checking email etc. even if people are not checking in yet...
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Callie Omg, it is amazing to be able to start getting excited about the wedding again! No more moping. Now there is so much to do in the next couple of weeks To get the discussion rolling...what do you guys plan to do for a welcome dinner? Anything? We are doing a welcome cocktail type thing instead of a dinner. We have 87 people total so it was more reasonable for us. We are putting some tables with simple apps (chicken wings, chips and guac/salsa) in front of the Cenote and using the bar that is right there for drinks. This is where my sister and her FI plan to hand out their gifts to wedding party etc...Just an FYI they charged us $10pp for this. I have no idea if this is a set in stone price.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by neen its probably a really bad thing that i just started laughing like a crazy person...i think the one thing i've come to count on is the roller coaster ride that is DT lately OMG that is what my sister did. I was waiting for her to get hysterical but instead she just started cracking up. I'm really glad she doesn't work for the post office (sorry bad joke)! Just to make myself feel better I've sent emails to Sandra, Daniel, and Landy asking about what is going on, knowing full well they will not get back to me. But it's better then me just staring at my email (which I'm doing anyway)...
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by nueland So I just got off the phone with Natalia at Dreams Tulum and I almost have 100% confimation that I will be at the Paradisus Riviera Maya! I had been moved to Barcelo Maya Palace and It looks like a beautiful hotel and all but it is HUGE! Yeaaaaaaaaaa I am so happy, but for some reason I am still a little stressed.... I am so glad that you have some relief from this situation!! The Paradisus looks amazing in all the photos that I've seen (like 752 on trip advisor LOL). I hope you have a wonderful trip!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Blkatz I feel like I started this and I am sorry. I was just trying to help out and googled the translation. I didnt mean for anyone to get upset-I just wanted to help...I am sorry I have not been around for a little while. As all of you have experienced first hand this situation finally took a toll on my family. My mother had to be taken to the dr. for an anxiety attack on Thursday after struggling with the decision of trying to push to move the wedding or keep the faith that DT would be open. My mom is very strong and this is not really how she deals with things, but she just saw her daughters wedding and 87 of her closest friends and family being completely screwed....I'm not saying this to get sympathy. I guess when I read some of the old posting I got very defensive of our DT brides and thought, "How in the world can these other brides even for a second appreicate what we are going through!" I got so angry that one of our brides was "called out" on our own forum about how she felt regarding brides at other resorts. With respect for Tammy I will not continue with how I feel, but I will say that karma is a funny thing, it will givith and it will taketh away.... Ok guys I would respectfully like to tell everyone to STOP APOLOGIZING! I think that everyone knows things that are said are not done with a malicious (sp?) intent. We are all doing what we need to in order to get through this unbelievably difficult situation. It may be venting about a newspaper article we read or another bride not willing to share "her day" with another. All of you can have your opinions and you should voice them here. I can't tell you what a relief you have all been for me. I think that considering what we are all going through you have all been very tame. With this new news I hope that we can go back to discussing wedding details like cake and flowers, but if something changes and its not all good I want you to know that I am hear to listen to whatever it is you need to post. Tammy I hope this post doesn't upset you, but I feel it needed to be said. You and the forum have been the only things that have kept me from going absolutly insane with all this and I think the brides on here need to know that.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Bonita SAndyW and Can't wait: When are you traveling to Mexico? We are leaving on Nov. 22, and I am still hopeful that our wedding will be at DT... And to Chandrathebride: Get better! Sorry you had to change the w. date. Hey guys, my family leaves 11/20 and my sister leaves on 11/18!! Our wedding is the 22nd...I hope to meet you both for a drink at DREAMS TULUM!!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by chandrathebride Hi Girls--I have been out of the loop for a bit because, gulp, FI and I have decided to postpone our wedding--from 11/21 to, hopefully, sometime in 3/09. I have been dealing with some health problems, and in combination with not wanting to "settle," we decided that was best for us. I was originally told by both VP Kevin, (over email) and Daniel, (over phone) that our guests would get the same rates in March as they had originally booked for in November. Now, in email exchanges, we are, seemingly, having some trouble keeping Daniel to his word. But hoping to get that cleared up in the next day or two. (Will let you guys know what ultimately happens.) Anyway, I am hoping that things are resolved asap for you girls still.... and wanted to let you guys know my plans in case anyone is thinking about doing the same thing. I was hoping to meet you in persone LOL Of course health comes first!! I truely hope you are feeling better soon and the agrivation of all of this settles as not to affect your health any further.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Blkatz I have to admit that I am super nervous. I want to wait and see what happens but as time passes and they are not open I am getting more and more concerned. My invitations are being done right now and I am having them hold off printing...my other concerns are 1-we booked our rooms already and so have a few of our guests and 2-Lizette/Landy never required me to put a deposit down and now I am nervous with everything going on that they wont care about my date since I have no deposit. I really have no right to stress since my date is so far away but it is still a bit annoying to say the least... Ashjanbro what are you thinking? -Beth My family and I acutally went to a site visit at DT and they would NOT take any kind of deposit for the wedding so I'm not sure how important that really is. As far as pricing at other resorts from the information I have gathered they are keeping everything the same as what you wanted from DT. Room rates are equal as well as wedding packages. Your guests should not be asked to pay any more out of pocket...
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by can't wait! Just got off the phone with Perla at the Paradisus. They don't have my date available! Gotta love it! So...it looks like I will have to go to the Barcelo and I don't want to. Amesharpe, as the date nears it will be more difficult to find another resort available with your date. Just something else to consider! Did you try to have someone from DT call to ask about the date. I heard that they are trying to persuade the Paradisus into doing more then one wedding a day if the other bride is ok with it... I don't know if Perla would be as willing to try and persuade her other bride...
  14. My godbrother broke the glass at a beach wedding in flip flops. Instead of breaking a wine glass he broke a light bulb wrapped in a cloth. My sisters FI who will be breaking the glass as well will be in flip flops. I ordered a glass breaking pouch online and will put a small light bulb in it so it's easy to break. The pouch was pretty cheap I just googled "wedding ceremony glass breaking pouch" then I had it embroidered with their names and wedding date.
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by dreamstbride good question Leanne!!!! I hope they honor it! or else, I will seriously be having a major panic attack and taking it out on all the staff! I am so worried! I really dont have the heart to tell all of our guests yet... I m going to try and stick it out a lil longer... Then Ill flip... When I spoke to my TA last week she told me that the DT rates were honored at the locations where they had to moved to. I do not know the specifics of what wedding type they had. I do know that hotel rates their guests had paid were honored as well. For those of you who are having an issue with your TA not wanting to put any leg work in on this, if you don't have a commitment to them I would switch. That is ridiculous they are not taking this seriously. I'm not sure if we are supposed to say who we use but I am using Teresa Sterling at Vacations For Less. She has handeled this amazingly well. As she is sure that the resort will open and tries to reassure me of that she still has been understanding of my concerns. She has contacted another resort for us and well as given me information of what DT has done for her other clients in the last few weeks. Her customer service and response time for myself and my 85 guests over the last 6 months has been amazing! If we do have to change venues I know her and her staff will make it as painless as possible! If you would like her contact info let me know...Hope everyone else is doing well. Lisa
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