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Hello, how are you, won't you tell me your name!


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Hi. My name is Jessica and I'm from New Jersey.


I usually post on TheKnot.Com DW board, but the site's been having issues lately and someone posted about this forum. It looks so pretty that I had to join even thought my wedding is soon sad.gif <--- That's just because I wish I had found out about this sooner! I'll only get to post for two months!


My wedding date is May 23, 2007 and Brian and I are getting married in Saint Thomas.


I'm super excited, although the wedding will be pretty small. Darn people did not do a good job at saving up enough money in time (j/k).


I look forward to getting some more ideas from this board, sharing what I've done/will do and getting to know everyone!

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Thanks for the welcome! You never know with message boards sometimes!


I'm still finding my way around this board, but I will start posting up pictures and info ASAP.


I'm also in grad school, so I'm multi-tasking between writing a research paper and looking around the board!

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Welcome! I am officially excited for you to join our discussions now that you have mentioned photos! You know we love em! I hope that if you have any last minute items we can help you!

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