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Linens N' Things Closing Up Shop

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#21 Amarillis

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    Posted 20 October 2008 - 09:40 AM

    I just talked to the nearest linen and things to my house, and found out that our local store isn't closing, and gift cards are still being accepted.

    However, gift cards are no longer being sold...

    this is fantastic news to me... i have over $1500 in gift cards from my white linen bridal shower....

    that would have been a major loss.

    #22 Mrs.R2be

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      Posted 20 October 2008 - 09:49 AM

      Thanks for the news Aims... Your alwaz so helpful....
      ~Mrs.R ~

      #23 nicollem

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        Posted 21 October 2008 - 12:21 PM

        Just be prepared of that possibly changing. You would hate to think you're safe, then realize you were misinformed.

        #24 ErinB


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          Posted 21 October 2008 - 12:58 PM

          I went last night to a US store.

          All sales are final, no coupons are accepted, and no gift cards are being sold.

          They are still accepting gift cards.

          The whole store is an additional 10-40% off and it was a freakin' mad house! The curtains were nearly gone!

          I think later on down the raod you'll be able to find some great bargains, but you'll have to dig. Things are already starting to get picked over.

          #25 nicollem

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            Posted 01 November 2008 - 02:15 AM

            Hey just wanted to make an update.
            With all the talk about Canadian stores saying that they aren't closing down... There is a store near me who said they werent closing down and gift cards are still accepted, etc.. is now closing down, 7 days after I had asked.
            So any brides who were concered, keep an eye on your linens n things stores!

            #26 rach220

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              Posted 01 November 2008 - 02:34 AM

              Not having a registry there, I was excited that they were closing because of the sales! But I was there the other night, and stuff wasn't marked down as much as I had hoped. Most things were only 10-20% off, and their prices are high to begin with. They still had what seemed like a full stock so I'm hoping they drop prices more as they get closer to closing time.

              And I'm sorry to all the brides registered there...that is a major bummer to relocate...too bad they can't do something more for you

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              #27 *JillD*

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                Posted 01 November 2008 - 07:20 PM

                The one near us has been liquidating for about 6 weeks now, I went tonight because I knew the discounts were up to about 50-60% off, and they were completely closed

                I thought I might be able to hit it one last time, but they're all done.

                There is another one that I'm near often that just started liquidating, so I'm hoping to hit that one once the sales get up there.

                #28 shellb

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                  Posted 01 November 2008 - 08:29 PM

                  I know here in Halifax (Nova Scotia), both stores have the signs up for a closing sale 10-30% off, but in the window there is a poster avertising for help. Thought that was odd.

                  We went to the one closest to us because we love shopping there and the deals aren't that great thus far. Call me crazy, but it's almost as if prices are slightly increased (e.g. I am almost positive a linen tower I bought in the spring is $20 more than what I paid, the roomba is $30 more than it was a month ago when we were in looking at them).

                  #29 Jacilynda

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                    Posted 10 November 2008 - 05:55 AM

                    I haven't noticed any price markups, and i shop there ALOT! Mostly cause they are just down the road from my house and its convenient. But I have been going CRAZY in there!!!! I have bought soooo many xmas gifts already. We live in a "smaller" town (compared to most of you probably) so ours isn't emptying out as quickly. I've spent soooo much money in there lately!!!

                    #30 kevsgirl

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                      Posted 10 November 2008 - 09:26 AM

                      I went as soon as they announced their bankruptcy, but nothing was on sale. Just last night I went over and they're at 10-30% off. I guess if I wait another week the sales may get better... too bad they just don't go 50%-80% off for a day and then shut down. They'd probably liquidate faster if that's what they were to do!

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