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  1. I was going to post some more music selections, but after reading most of the post i see you ladies have taken care of it....
  2. I have a 100 feet white aisle runner for sale... I live in Toronto...
  3. What a cute idea !!! Thanks for sharing it with us Milejilo !!!
  4. I think i might have to get married all over again, just to have another Maggie S ...
  5. What a beautiful wedding!! I loved the last picture, but it should have been you drowning him... LOL...
  6. Update, take out boxes, glass bowls,all candy buffet stuff, tulle, wooveb fns and lanterns have been SOLD . I only have the silk orange fans, the money box left
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by foxytv very nice! that's quite a heel! I hope you have someone to walk you down the aisle and keep you from wobbling! Foxytv, you took the words right out of my mouth !!! LadyCheese, Well you be using them for your something blue?
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