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  1. hey girls!! You're all so helpful so I thought I would give this a try.. I was wondering if any of you use this torrent site? I want to use it really bad because it has all the torrents I want, that no other sites have. But I don't know anyone that can invite me! Is it ever open for me to be able to register? or any ladies that might be able to invite me?! Help please!! Thanks all! Happy new year!!!
  2. I have a suggestion, but its a little more permanent. I have crazy curly hair thats really coarse, and last time I went to mexico it was a complete nightmare. Im going to get the Japanese hair straightening. I've done it before and it's amazing for me! I'm going to do it before I go for my wedding. But if anyone considers it.. I've had a couple of different systems that i've tried and only One was good I wish I could give you the actual brands that I've tried. I only know that one was a japanese system, and one was an italian system.. and the japanese one was far more amazing.
  3. Thanks everyone for all of your advice! I appreciate it all a lot. you guys are awesome! You've given me the courage to bring up the issue.
  4. I definitely would never tell him to stop helping his dad. I think since we can afford it, we should help him. Even if we pay his bills, I don't mind. I just think that I would feel more comfortable if the cable and everything else was in his own name.. not my FI's, since everything Has gone to collections. But I dont know how to even go about explaining to FI, because of the whole "is already bad, so oh well" attitude. I feel like I need to explain that his credit isn't an "oh well" situation. And Cattie, so sorry to hear about the troubles you had. Thank you for your perspective!
  5. I've been driving myself crazy thinking about this and I would like some opinions and advice if anyone has any. I want to make sure I'm not worrying over nothing at all.. Growing up, my parents always tried to make sure I knew how to be responsible with credit and to make sure I always paid all my bills on time so in the future I wouldn't have any trouble with banks/loans, etc. So, the result... I'm totally paranoid and anal when it comes to my credit history. My fiance is a very generous man, and will do anything to help out the people he loves. There is one thing that has me just starting to get a little concerned, though. When he was younger he did a lot of damage to his credit score. Which isn't such a big deal. It can be fixed! He's so much more responsible now and he's really gotten it to be a lot better.. Now going back a little bit, when he and I moved in together, his father had been evicted from where he was living, so FI had him move into his old apartment. Mostly to make it easier, gave his dad all his furniture and (the part that bothers me..) left everything (electric bill, cable bill, phone bill) in his own name. Back to present time.. His father was recently laid off from work. Barely able to pay for rent, little money left for food, and absolutely none for his bills. My FI has been so generous, supporting him almost completely while he tries to get his pension and UI in order. Meanwhile, apparently he hadn't paid for any of the bills in MONTHS and James (FI) has been recently gotten a phone call to his cellphone from the cable saying its gone to collections. I've sort of brought up the issue lightly about bad credit before this, not a serious conversation though, and he just shrugs it off like it's no big, he already has bad credit, it doesn't really make a difference.. But I'm thinking about our future, when we want to buy a house with a family. It's still early in our lives and I know that the damage can be repaired.. But I think that he shouldn't have to sacrifice his name and credit for his dad. At least if his dad had told him before that he couldn't afford the bills, James could have paid for it for him. But to just let it go so long seems inconsiderate. I would never tell my FI to not help his dad, we are well off and can afford to help him through these hard times. But I think maybe I should push for James to tell his dad to put these services into his own name. Suggestions? I am being insensitive? Overreacting? Should I just let it go and hope things get better down the road? If I should say something, how do I even bring it up? Thanks for any help!!
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    Wow Paris, how romantic! Congrats and welcome!
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    Welcome to the forum!! Have fun!
  8. Ive got the Bare Escentuals mineral make up. and i SWEAR by it. Ive had problems with rosacia, and very red skin, and it covers like magic. Especially if you get the start up kit, its everything you need!! I also got the Shamwow, the Actual one not a knock off version, and its worked fine for what Ive used it for. But I havent had too much need for it
  9. We are going to walk down to Sea of Love by Cat Power I thought it seemed to really fit with a destination beach theme.. about love, and the sea plus it sounds like there's a ukelele which seems beachy to me.. and I really love the song
  10. We are going to walk down to Sea of Love by Cat Power I thought it seemed to really fit with a destination beach theme.. about love, and the sea plus it sounds like there's a ukelele which seems beachy to me.. and I really love the song
  11. I struggled with it too, but we've decided that we want to do it before we leave. a lot less stress I would think. We arent going to exchange rings or kiss, we want to save it for our "real" wedding in Mexico. I'm going to consider the destination wedding date the anniversary date, because to me, that's the real ceremony. That's where my family will be witnessing it.
  12. This is seriously way too cute to handle
  13. Have fun with all the fun stuff you can find on here!
  14. I can't wait until I start doing my DIY stuff.... it's a little far away still.. But i love this craft punch!
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