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Newbie Intro - March 2009 bride

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Hi everyone!


I just joined the forum and thought I'd post a quick introduction. My name is Heather, my fiance's name is Jamie and we've been engaged since September 1. We are planning a destination wedding for just the two of us in March, 2009 - I'm 35, he's 40 and it's a second marriage for both of us.


I'd been sold on Coco Bay Resort in Antigua, but I cannot get ANY responses to my emails or phone messages. I understand the "island time" phenomenon, but it's getting ridiculous.


At this point, we haven't chosen a destination yet, so I'm open to suggestions! I don't want a huge resort like Sandals, etc. Since it will just be the two of us, we're looking for something intimate and special - definitely on the beach somewhere. I'm not a fan of Jamaica, but other than that - we're open, so if you think of something please post and let me know!


Thanks so much! I look forward to posting and getting to know you!

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Your welcome. We had a lot better luck with private locations that didn't have a hired staff member doing wedding coordination. Our contact person for our venue is the daughter of the owner, so she has a personal interest in making sure she's responsive.

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