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    *The official St. Lucia Brides CHAT thread*

    Quote: Originally Posted by dennita Hi all i am new to this forum and a St Lucian Bride to be. I am planning on getting married in June 2010. I have found this forum so helpful for information and advice about weddings in St Lucia. We will be travelling from London, England and have already started looking at prices for hotels and accomodation and it aint cheap. Both me and my FI have never been to St Lucia, but wanted to get married in the Carribean. We both fell in love with the pictures of St Lucia. Given that it is expensive for our guest to join us for our wedding we are trying to make it as cost effective for them as we possibly can. we are planning on staying at the Almond Smugglers Cove, as we have children in our party and its looking like this is one of the cheapest AI resorts for families. I have decided to go with Awesome Carribean weddings to plan my wedding day and wanting to get married at Pigeon Island on either a private beach or cliff view.....any recommendations? We are unsure about our reception at this stage but the beach party looks good. I have heard some of you mention that your booking resturants, do they include a party for you also with music etc? We are planning on going to Sandels Grande after 7 days at ASC for a further 7 days for our honeymoon. Could anyone please offer advice on are plans so far we havent booked anything yet and just wanted to make sure where doing the right thing. Does anyone know anything about ASC or Sandels Grande? We need to keep the price down for guest, but are happy to pay whatever it cost for our accomodation for our honeymoon, is Sandels a good choice or is there a better option? Sorry for bugging you all with my questions, but just really anxious about my decisions and want to be sure before we book. Hi there! Congrats on your engagement and on choosing St. Lucia for your wedding destination. My fiance and I have also not been to St. Lucia before, but fell in love with pictures and had so many people recommend it that we feel great about our choice and can't wait to get there! We are also using Awesome Caribbean Weddings as our planner and we are getting married at Pigeon Point at the Cliff View location. Immediately after the ceremony we are doing a "photo walk" and get pictures at the Sugar Mill ruins and on the beach. After the ceremony we are having a celebration meal at Jacques. It's just the two of us and one other couple (our best friends) who will be there, so it won't be a full blown reception, but I have heard great things about Jacques and I know they can handle larger receptions. Congrats again, and if you have any more questions, ask away!
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    *The official St. Lucia Brides CHAT thread*

    Quote: Originally Posted by Kristy! I'd like to liven this thread up a little bit. Has anyone looked in particular restaurants or excursions they want to try? We're having our reception dinner at Jacques, but I am dying to try the Rain Forest Cafe. You can only get there by boat! Great idea, Kristy! We are also going to Jacques after the wedding. It will just be us and one other couple, so really more of a celebration meal, but I'm excited about it after reading some great things about Jacques! (We are getting married at Pigeon Point - arranged by Awesome Caribbean Weddings.) We are staying at Nature's Paradise, which is a very smal b&b, with 4 stand alone cabins at Marigot Bay - looks fantastic and the owner is an absolute gem. We are doing several things that were recommended by him - and he is giving us a personal tour of Soufriere and lunch after. Other things we have lined up: --Climbing Gros Piton --Zip Line (I need recommendations for this - anyone done it, and can recommend a reputable company?) --Snorkeling We are also renting a jeep and will spend lots of time exploring on our own. I'd love to hear what everyone else is doing or wants to do!
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    *The official St. Lucia Brides CHAT thread*

    Hi Kelly, We are using Awesome Caribbean Weddings for our wedding and the photographer they use also does seperate sessions. I haven't worked with him yet (wedding is in March) but I've browsed his website and ACW's site and I really like his work. I'm not sure if I can post an external link here, but his name is Mikael Lamber, and you should be able to find him is you google his name + St. Lucia. Hope that helps!
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    Congrats and welcome, Tanya! There are lots of great resources here. This forum helped us settle on St. Lucia for our wedding location in March 2009. We are using Awesome Caribbean Weddings as our planner and so far I can't say enough great things about them.
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    Welcome and happy planning!
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    Just got engaged!

    Congrats and welcome!!
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    St.Lucia wedding & TTD slideshow

    Thank you both, I think that's it! Turns out David's has a full length version too - woohoo! Thanks again!
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    *The official St. Lucia Brides CHAT thread*

    Quote: Originally Posted by Kristy! I have a multi-city itinerary, so it's different from what you're booking. I'm flying from JFK to St. Lucia, then to Punta Cana, and back to JFK. Heather, was your flight dropped? I'm not sure when it starts, but I know in May the Monday flight no longer exists. So sad... No, so far anyway, the Monday flight still exists in March. *fingers crossed*
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    *The official St. Lucia Brides CHAT thread*

    Our itinerary is a little different too. We are actually originating in Dallas, making a connection in JFK and then spending a night in Miami on the way back. I think the fare was around $700 or $800, but I ended up using my AA miles for both tickets.
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    *The official St. Lucia Brides CHAT thread*

    Quote: Originally Posted by Kristy! They just dropped the flight to/from JFK and St. Lucia on Mondays. I'm SO pissed! Uhhhhh.... CRAP! We are booked on a Monday (March 9) flight from JFK to St. Lucia!!! I guess I'm off to check and call AA. *not freaking out... YET*
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    St.Lucia wedding & TTD slideshow

    Wow, you do absolutely beautiful work! I am getting married in St. Lucia in March and you've made me all excited again! Those town shots are breathtaking. Question - do you have any idea where she got her dress in the town shoot? It's exactly what I'm looking for.
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    It hit me this morning...

    Your post gave me chills! I haven't actually confirmed anything yet, but I'm sure i'll have those same realizations when I do!
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    *The official St. Lucia Brides CHAT thread*

    Hi Kelly, I just emailed it to you. Some of it is date specific, but if you scroll toward the bottom is the wedding coordinator's name and information if you want to contact her directly. This is our back-up plan right now - it's a great option, great price and the hotel looks really nice. We are leaning toward staying at Nature's paradise, which gets *stellar* ratings on TripAdvisor, and having Awesome Caribbean Weddings plan a private beach wedding for us. 99% sure that's the route we're going - but at the rate I change my mind, who knows! LOL! Good luck - I hope I helped!
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    Hello everyone ! French bride from Texas

    Hello and welcome! I'm new too and also in texas (Dallas area, though.) I too am planning a Caribbean wedding and just recently narrowed it down to St. Lucia. I've done a *lot* of research and will just throw out some random ideas for you: Discovery at Marigot Bay, St. Lucia Windjammer Resort, St. Lucia Jalousie Plantation, St. Lucia Anse Chastanet, St. Lucia Galley Bay Resort, Antigua Blue Waters, Antigua Verandah Resort & Spa, Antigua Long Bay Beach Resort & Villas, Tortola, BVI Caneel Bay, St John, USVI Hope that helps!
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    *The official St. Lucia Brides CHAT thread*

    Quote: Originally Posted by Kla.Kari Heather, you may want to check out Villa Beach Cottages (Small hotel in St Lucia Caribbean - Villa Beach Cottages). I have seen some great reviews. Otherwise, Jalousie is great, and I have heard great things about Discovery at Marigot Bay as well... Oh, one more might be the Stonefield Estate Villas (in the south). Welcome to Stonefield Estate Resort If we werent' having a bunch of people with us, the stonefield is probably where we would go. Good luck with planning! Kari, thank you so much! I sent a note to the Villa Beach Cottages and they got back to me literally 30 minutes later with all kinds of information. it looks like this could be a good option for us - just need to run it by the finace. It looks like there aren't as many services as some of the others, so I don't know how he'll feel about that, but their wedding gazebo on the beach is adorable, and their new rooms/villas are really nice. I am still waiting to hear from Discovery and Jalousie - I think I may be leaning toward Discovery as this point, so fingers crossed that they reply soon. Also - we are sticking to March. I was able to find airline tickets using my miles (Woohoo!) and Jamie (finace) told me he'd rather do March than May, so I have less time to change my mind. LOL... he's kidding, of course.