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MarieSam's STD Boarding Pass w/pics and templates

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Originally Posted by Sparkles8300 View Post
one more thing...how did you fit the RSVP post card in the metallic envelope? It looks like it would be to wide? Also, (sorry to ask a million questions) what size envelope did you order?
Eeek! smile43.gif I totally forgot to add a note regarding the postcard size, thanks so much for bringing that to light!

The envelopes I used were the No. 10 Policy size, which I believe is 4-1/8 x 9-1/2". So YES the standard sized postcard through Vista Print is a slightly big heightwise, that in mind, I had the card designed with the graphics and text pushed up toward to the top to give me room to cut off a sliver from the bottom for it to fit it in the envelope.

That's where my handy dandy paper cutter came in to use once again, cutting the postcards down was super easy. And like I said, you need cut just a tiny bit in order for it to slide into the envelope. For it to fit smoothly, I stuck the postcard into the STD letter.

Hope that helps!!! And never feel like you're asking to many questions, that's what this forum is all about smile03.gif

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