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  1. This is all good information. Thanks!!!
  2. You look beautiful!!! Congratulations.
  3. Great job, everything looks beautiful. Can't wait to see your photos!!!
  4. The rose balls look great.
  5. The flowers on the cake are really beautiful. You look beautiful and coordinated everything so well.
  6. beautiful pictures and I love your colors.
  7. KRB

    The cups are here!!!!

    Great idea and they look great.
  8. I have two children, 17 and 10. They both said the same thing at first, no big deal, but in actuality I think it is a big deal. We have decided that the wedding party would be just the four of us, and I think this will make our bond stronger. I would encourage that you include your son even if he says no big deal.
  9. KRB


    I am sure her feelings were a little hurt over #1 and #2, but she will get over it.
  10. I love this idea. I hope they can do it.
  11. KRB

    So What do you do for a living?

    I am a Human Resources Business Partner by day and a Graduate Student by night. I will graduate with a Masters in Human Resource Managment in August 2009 (YEAH it almost over).
  12. This is great advice, thanks ladies.