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Mayan Palace Regency

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Think of it as “paradise found”. The 5-star Mayan Palace Puerto Vallarta resort situated along the turquoise waters of Banderas Bay, captures the charm and beauty of Old Mexico while affirming its own signature brand of luxury and style. Located in the most exclusive marina area, The Mayan Palace vacation resort is host to all kinds of activities, from water sports to shopping trips. Try your hand at sports fishing or windsurfing or take advantage of the resortâ€s private yacht for a pleasure cruise on the bay. Go inland for some kayaking through the interlocking canals or enjoy the architectural feat of the Mayan Palaceâ€s winding, two-level pool. Enjoy a little free time by dropping your kids off at the Kids Club. There are plenty of complimentary, supervised activities for children of all ages. By land or by sea, the Mayan Palace Puerto Vallarta is a destination like no other, combining first-class amenities with best-in-class service at this extraordinary vacation paradise.


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Hey everyone,


Here is a link to my photos of my trip...I mostly attached pictures of the Mayan because that is where I am going to have my wedding. If you want a descriptions of my photos...do THE SLIDESHOW...IT EXPLAINS THE PICTURES.


Yahoo! Photos - Amy s Scouting Trip




I just went to PV for 3 short days...it was amazing. The first night I

stayed downtown and I almost reconsidered my idea of a PV wedding. I had

never been to PV until then. We stayed by restaurant row and it was fun of

people partying and tons of fun restaurants and shops. The beach was nice

but not what I thought it would be. For me...it wasn't where I invisioned

my wedding.


The next day we went to Dreams...then I knew I made the right decision to

have it in PV. Dreams is a beautiful place for a wedding....very private

AND secluded. We got there early for our appt. with Marilu and they

wouldn't let us in. We took a walk about a block up the street and found a

really cute restaurant to eat breakfast called La Playita Beach restaurant

at Linda Mar hotel. It was good find...it has it's own private rocky

beach...and the manager quoted us $95 pesos pp per hour to have a rehearsal dinner there including drinks. Fun idea if you are going to have your

wedding at Dreams. PROS:private/SECLUDED beach ceremony/reception on the beach CON: you have to pay extra for non-guests..YOU HAVE TO LEAVE AT 11PM...Marilu might work with us though..she said she was going to see if my guests and I could hang out at the bar until 2am


Then we went to Mayan...oh my goodness...this place took my breath way. The pictures on the internet don't do it justice. Marcos, the wedding planner

there is really easy to work with and gets back to you really quickly.

Marilu at Dreams tends to take a while. The Jetty (grass area) is where the

wedding would be...I wasn't sure if I liked the idea...I really wanted to

get married on the beach in the sand. I have reconsidered...the view from

the Jetty is amazing...its like your in the water. PROS: private beach

ceremony/reception perfect for small weddings...WE get to leave at 2am!!!

CONS: I can't think of any.


Lastly we went to the Westin. I think this place is beautiful too but

better for a large wedding. I am only going to have around 40 people so we

would only get 2 or 3 pergulas on the beach.

PROS: beach sand ceremony/reception on beach under pergulas (really

beautiful) CONS: Not as private for a small wedding...better for bigger



So I made my decision on the Mayan...I am so excited the place is so trendy

and the Mayan influence makes it a very unique hotel. I like how private it

is for a small wedding...the other two aren't as private for smaller

weddings. I also like the idea that we get to stay until 2am...also there

is a fire pit in the outdoor reception area...I think that will be fun for

the reception.


We have also changed our wedding date from June until February of next year now. The weather there right now is perfect...summers can get really hot there. I am so excited...I'll be getting married in a year now...instand of

year and half now. Goodness I have lots to do.


As for restaurants...we haven't decided on a rehearsal dinner spot yet...to

be honest we didn't eat a lot...we were too busy going to the hotels...we

tended to just get a muffin or drink when needed. We mostly sampled

appetizers and had a drink...so I don't know if I am the best to ask about

how it tastes. I am not a big eater so it was hard for me to eat alot

because we wanted to go to as many places as possible. I will say that all

the appetizers we great at all the places except one place (El Dorado...but

their dinners might be better??) As for beautiful views and great

appetizers Las Palomas...El Palomar..El Felipe...La Playita...my

photographer recommended the El Kliff but we didn't get time to go there. I

wanted to try others but we ran out of time.


I was going to do a full dinner but now I am considering doing appetizers

only...it was so expensive for me at most of those places when you included

drinks into the price...I only wanted to spend between 30-35 pp. I might

just have my rehearsal dinner at the Mayan...Marcos said he could work

something out. Or I might look into Barcelona Tapas...who had their

reception there I wish I would have tried it.


Well...I hope I was some help...you all have helped me so much...all your

comments really helped guide me on my trip to PV. All the hotels there were

amazing...it is really hard to choose one.


One more word of advice...if you take a taxi from the airport...go over the

bridge on the outside of the airport to get a taxi...those are the local

taxi drivers and they won't charge you as much as the airport take drivers.

We only paid 10 pesos from the airport to Old PV downtown....we stayed at

Los Arcos Hotel. Also...if you can bring someone who speaks Spanish it can

help you get better prices and advance. My friend that came with me was

born in Mexico...she was like my planner...I got an excellent price for my

wedding...I know it was all because of her. Everyone told me I wouldn't get

my price without a planner...I stayed within my budget of less than $7000

for everything.


Well thanks again for all your help...if you can think of any questions let

me know.



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Ahh! Thats the beauty of Mexico, I couldn't get that here in CA so I had to go to PV, haha!


No really, this place is not as pricey as it seems. Why do you think we jumping on the opportunity! Some one else said that they wanted "Nordstroms on a Target Budget" -- well I'm right there with you!


PM me if you want pricing info!

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