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So I just got off the phone with my TA...and I am sticker shocked !

I am getting married in Moon Palace Cancun on November 7, 2009


This is what she told me:


for an average of 60 people


7 nights - $1949.54 & this amount includes the tax

4 nights - $1469.54 & this amount includes the tax



I think this is STEEP ! I asked her if this is the "group" rate, and she said it was. I was also told by someone else that Oct/Nov is not touristy at all, and hurricane season so I was under the impression it would be cheaper !!

Help ! does this quote sound right to you guys?

I wanted to ask you guys before I start going postal on the TA !


I feel so bad making people pay 2 GRAND to be at my wedding !

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November is a busy travel time - Most hotels are at 75% capacity or more at that time of the year b/c it's essentially post hurricane. Personally I don't think that's over priced - Our guests are paying 1960 pp taxes included for one week at the PAradisus in November... we have 57 ppl booked using that rate..

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I guess it depends on thr resort. If you look online for prices, that resort is $350/night for 2 guests in Nov 08 (Nov 09 prices arent available yet). So that is round $2400 per couple. I think it is so pricy cause of the resort, not your TA. If you are really concerned you would probably have to switch resorts. We chose our resort, Grand Palladium Riviera Maya cause it is 5* and nice, but our group rate is $170 per night per couple, cause we wanted to find somewhere affordable for everyone. Although in Cancun, your guests could always stay at a different resort and just come in for the wedding. Although be sure to find out what the day pass cost is for non-guests.

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I've stayed at the moon palace twice for destination weddings and that is really close to what we paid to be a guest. We choose to do the Barcelo Maya because our guests could pick from three price points for the wedding and it was important to us that those who wanted to come could afford it. I believe our lowest priced option is around $1000 for four days and the highest is at about $1800 for 7 days at the Palace. I loved the Moon Palace though and they do such a great job with weddings.


Good Luck!

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Your quote seems about right. We were quoted $2249 (incl tax) as our group rate for 7 days at the Moon Palace for our May 2009 wedding.


From what I've been told from several travel agents is that the Moon Palace always has a steady stream of guests throughout the year (low and high season) so that is why it is not as competitively priced as other resorts.

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at my resort for guests WITH the discount a seven night stay is $2047.50. For four nights it's about $1170 per person. So everybody who comes to our wedding and stays for four nights will be paying just under $2000 per person. BTW we're staying at Secrets Maroma Beach.

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Thanks for making me feel a little more comfortable and not like I'm getting ripped off !


SOOOO I talked to my TA, and she got me even BETTER rates. elefant.gif I think you guys were right...It wasn't the TA...it was the resort...Moon Palace is EXPENSIVE. pokestick.gif


So now I'm steering toward Iberostar, not only is it $500 less pp...it also gives the guest the option to stay at ANY of the Iberostars, my understanding is that they are all right next to eachother in RM, and then they can just buy a day pass if they want to spend the day on the resort where my wedding will be (haven't decided that yet) Even the day pass is almost HALF price ($80) compared to Moon Palace's ($150)


I'm not knocking Moon Palace or anything, it seems like a gorgeous resort...I just want to take the route that is most affordable for my guests .

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