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  1. Awesom review ! Thank you for that ! I will be getting married at Lindo on January 23, 2010 so I may be bothering you with more questions !
  2. Thanks Nibs ! i lovvvvve BOSTONS !! And Emen, yes, those deals do exist. When you fly group, and you have a certain # of people fly, lets say 25, one can fly free. We are going to try to get that deal...so if we have 50 people fly, me & Chuck can fly free...that would be wonderful ! As far as TA's go, they are not all equal...that is for sure. I shopped around. You know, one TA may think that making $100 pp is fair, while another might think $200 pp is a better amount to make...all depends. I shopped around for my TA the way I shop around for everything else !
  3. I must disagree about it being such a steal. You must be forgetting that your guests are paying almost $400/per night - per/person to stay at the resort. Just cause its cheaper to have a wedding in Mexico than it is here... doesn't make it a "steal" My biggest frustration is that if you have let's say for example 60 guests attend considering they are "all-inclusive" at your wedding & staying at your same resort...they paid an average of $1,500.00 for a 4 night stay (not including what their all gonna spend once their down there) ...so that's a total of $90,000...( not pesos ) and then the bride and groom have to spend an additional $15,000 so that their guests could sip champagne and eat one of 3 following dinner options...not even their choice of food because that's the "rule". Not only should the champagne be INCLUDED....the food should be INCLUDED. I'm not saying the photographer should be free, or the chair decorations should be free, or the DJ/mariachi band should be free...but food & drink should be included...that's the point of an all-inclusive & that's what your guest pay for when they pay for "all-inclusive". If you think the resort pays their staff anywhere near minimum wage to serve your guests glasses of champagne, think again. anyway...enough out of me.
  4. Essentially after everything is said and done...a DW is expensive either way. Your asking your guests to pay anywhere from $1200-$1500 pp, then your paying anywhere from $20-$40 pp just for them to attend the event even though every person is all-inclusive...Your still charged as a bride & groom for your guests to have a chair at the ceremony, for your guests to drink champagne at the cocktail hour, and for your guests to eat food that would normally be free since they are all-inclusive. You pay for the photographer which is anywhere from $300 for only about 50 pictures (rip off) to $3000 for the photographer for as many pictures you want (which doesnt include the TTD session) or you have the choice of flying in your own, which is expensive since you not only have to pay the airfare & hotel for him/her but you also have to pay a penalty fee for not using the resorts photographer then your charged for a mariachi band almost $400 for 45 minutes ! (another rip off) Thats a crazy amount of $$ if you ask me considering Mexico is still on PESOS & not like on EUROS! So $400 American dollars is a LOT of PESOS, but what can you do ? That's just the rate everywhere...and they know they have you by the b@lls, because what else can you do about it? If you want music, that's what you pay, no negotiations. and all in all after dress, invites, wedding, airfare, hotel, wedding party gifts, etc. its AT LEAST 20K - and then they still make rules like: any amount over 40 people have to have a set menu between 3 options, and you cannnot have a private reception, and you can only have a certain color theme, you cannot take away something from the package you might not want (cake for example) & exchange it for something you do (more flowers for example), etc. etc. etc. and the rules are never-ending, unless of course you want to give them MORE $$ but who can afford THAT! When I came to the decision to having a DW with my fiance, I was under the impression that all my job was is to work out to get fit for my dress & that we can just fly out to Mexico & it would be an easier, cheaper, less stress route, considering I have no interest in weddings...going to them or planning them...But there's just no way out. You have to plan it & plan it so everyone's happy (family/mom/dad & guests) and anyone that says it's YOUR day, and it should be planned YOUR way, to make YOU happy....not so much. It has to be done the traditional way, and you think about everyone else's feelings & thoughts & expenses, AND that's not less stressful or cheaper by any means. sorry ...venting.
  5. Thanks for making me feel a little more comfortable and not like I'm getting ripped off ! SOOOO I talked to my TA, and she got me even BETTER rates. I think you guys were right...It wasn't the TA...it was the resort...Moon Palace is EXPENSIVE. So now I'm steering toward Iberostar, not only is it $500 less pp...it also gives the guest the option to stay at ANY of the Iberostars, my understanding is that they are all right next to eachother in RM, and then they can just buy a day pass if they want to spend the day on the resort where my wedding will be (haven't decided that yet) Even the day pass is almost HALF price ($80) compared to Moon Palace's ($150) I'm not knocking Moon Palace or anything, it seems like a gorgeous resort...I just want to take the route that is most affordable for my guests .
  6. Thank you paraisobeachbride2009....that does help. Kids seem to be expensive but that's probably because of the kids club program the resort offers.
  7. OK so as far as Iberostar, the kids programs they have going on sound great and like a lot of fun for them...a lot of resorts offer kids under 12 stay, eat, and play for free. This does not seem to be the case for Iberostar kids. Any idea what the average price for children is and for their ages ? full ? half ? discounted ? HA! you guys are gonna get sick of me before you know it ! sorry...
  8. Thank you Michelle ! Your awesome at how quick you reply and all the info you know !
  9. Ok so you guys mentioned Beach, Del Mar, Lindo, & Maya...in that order...so Iberostar Tucan fits where in this picture ?
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by LyssaB80 Hey there!! I was stressed out about making the choice too, and really loved the additional restaurant choices and lazy river/wave pool options at the Lindo. When we priced it out, it was a couple hundred dollars more person to stay at the Lindo vs the Del Mar so it really depends on what price your guests feel most comfortable with. We opted to go to the Del Mar, but let our guests know that if they wanted to stay at the Lindo/Maya or Grand, they would pay a bit more but would have the extra options and would be able to visit everyone else at our hotel very easily whenever they wanted to - ultimately, everyone has ended up at the del mar. Another thing to know if that all of the IB hotels have kids programs which according to the reviews I have read are really good and do a lot to keep the kids occupied with games and such. Good luck with your choice and definitely let us know if you have questions!! Alyssa Hi Alyssa ! Yea, I definitely feel that everyone at my party will end up staying at the less expensive hotel of them all, as with the economy doing so bad, and people just scared to spend any $$...they will most likely opt for the less expensive. Thanks for the info on the kids program ! I'm sure they will be using this if its available for ALL the IB hotels.
  11. BeachBride, Thank you SOOOO much!! That helps a ton ! I will most likely be asking you more in the future, if you don't mind ! Good luck with everything at your wedding & I hope you come back with awesome reviews & pics !!
  12. Hi Everyone ! So....I originally planned on having my wedding at the Moon Palace. When I got prices from my TA for round-trip group adult rate pp, I was sticker- shocked I went over these prices with some of my closest friends & family, and it seemed they were really disappointed that it was so expensive, but they said they would be there no matter what. I'm expecting about 60 ppl. I just feel like I can't put a financial burden on everyone like that, and NOW I am starting from the beginning. I want to be in RM. And talking to my TA, she said IB resorts are awesome. (and hopefully affordable for everyone, still waiting on prices from her) I want to make sure that not only is my wedding a great time but accomodations for everyone are filled. This is definitely a priority, for me anyway. So my question would be...How did you guys go about choosing which IB it is that you want to be married at ? I'm researching, but I'm confused, and I read this whole thread...but still have questions. I will HAVE to get married outside of the resort because no matter what, I have to go Catholic... But other than that, I'm really confused on why one bride chose Lindo & another chose Del Mar ? Any reason ? I know there is a wave pool & lazy river...being that there are over 10 kids & teenagers at the wedding, do they have access to this if they stay at ANY of the IB ? From top to bottom: which one is the most expensive and which one is the least ? ok, lots of ?'s....please help.
  13. HI EVERYONE, So I just got off the phone with my TA...and I am sticker shocked ! I am getting married in Moon Palace Cancun on November 7, 2009 This is what she told me: for an average of 60 people 7 nights - $1949.54 & this amount includes the tax 4 nights - $1469.54 & this amount includes the tax I think this is STEEP ! I asked her if this is the "group" rate, and she said it was. I was also told by someone else that Oct/Nov is not touristy at all, and hurricane season so I was under the impression it would be cheaper !! Help ! does this quote sound right to you guys? I wanted to ask you guys before I start going postal on the TA ! I feel so bad making people pay 2 GRAND to be at my wedding !
  14. I havent discussed that with him yet...but he will be TOTALLY against the idea of us sleeping apart ! He will freak if I tell him we shouldn't sleep together ! LOL
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