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  1. Happy Birthday Kate! I hope you have a great day!
  2. I didn't, but my sister did. I only have a couple pictures on this computer, but I hope it helps!
  3. So I posted this in my teaser thread as well but I also wanted to post it here. I got my full video back from Matt of Capture Studios last week and I was blown away. He posted an extended version on his website. The version I got includes our full vows and some added reception footage. Go check out his blog if you like our video - Matt and another photographer are teaming up to give away photography and videography package. I don't know the photographer, but Matt is amazing. Matt's Blog: http://www.thecaptureblog.com/ Our Video: RANDY + SHANNON EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS on Vimeo
  4. Hello again. Our wonderful videographer Matt has posted another version of our video. If you are intersted in viewing it is here. RANDY + SHANNON EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS on Vimeo We also got another version from him that has our whole ceremony but that one is pretty long. If anyone is looking for a videographer . . . Call Matt! He is amazing. I have heard a lot of photographers say that sometimes the video can get in the way. I hardly knew Matt was there all day and when I got our teaser back I was in awe of everything he captured.
  5. Hey Ladies, I just got my video back last week. I thought I would post the extended version here so you can see the beach wedding set up and some of the other wedding elements. RANDY + SHANNON EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS on Vimeo Also, feel free to ask any questions you may have.
  6. I can't wait. I love the bachelorette seasons. I keep vowing to never watch the show again after the finale and the break ups, but everytime a new season starts I am back for more. For those of you who have been watching these for awhile I just saw that Jen got married this weekend in Chicago. Bachelorette Jen Schefft Ties the Knot in Chicago - Weddings, Jen Schefft : People.com
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Jacilynda Girl I just watched your video w/ the photos, the photos are great!!!! Is your full video going to include your ceremony? I'm soooo in love w/ your video! Thanks Jacilynda! Yes, I talked to the videographer last week and he is just putting the finishing touches on our whole video. I'll post the clips when I get it. He put a wireless mic on Randy during the ceremony so we should have good audio of our vows as well!
  8. I originally wasn't planning on having a videographer and now I am so glad we did. I love my photos but just my teaser has me so excited to have the video. I would also suggest contacting some videographers. I thought bringing a videographer was going to cost a lot more than it actually did. So ask around a lot of videographers would like to expand their business into Destination Weddings and may be willing to work with you on price. We also made a trade and did not bring a second shooter to cut down on costs. I would also weigh in and say I was worried about the videographer getting in the way of the ceremony but we didn't have any issues with this at all. I wouldn't have even known he was there if we didn't see some of the footage.
  9. I think you got your answer so I won't add to that. But I think what you do need to do is take a big deep breath! There will be lots of twists and turns that come up with planning your destintation wedding. You will be hurt by people that can't come and by the reasons they give you. On the upside though you will be amazed by the people that take the time, money and effort to come celebrate with you. Focus on these people and how great your day will be. If someone agrees to be a part of your wedding day; chances are they will do what they can to make it. However, life sometimes gets in the way and if they are truly close friends the money will work itself out in the end! Happy Planning.
  10. Steph, What a headache!! I work for a large mortgage company in town (bet you can't guess which one), so I have a little bit of insight. I would suggest calling whoever holds your mortgage now and try dealing with them. Many of the brokers have been cut off from the lenders as the market has gotten worse and don't have the same options as those who originate mortgages. Now that I am talking in jibberish, let me know if I can help.
  11. Our TTD and Wedding was blogged today on our photographers blog. Him and the videographer were friends so he also posted the video. They work really well together! If anyone is looking to bring a videographer and photographer I highly recommend these two. We were not sure we could afford to bring a photographer much less a videographer with us to Mexico. But I wanted to share this secret since I was a bride on a budget and thought there was no way we could afford it . . . we were able to do both for just a little more than I was planning on paying the original photographer I hired in Mexico for the wedding day and the TTD. We would have had great pics either way but it was great to have Matt and Spencer there, they became part of the group! Hope you enjoy! live and love
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