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  1. Thanks for the suggestion! Unfortunately that website doesn't have what I need but I found a lot of things I would like to buy
  2. Hi! It's been years since I've been on here but thought some new bride-to-bes might know of things I don't! Does anyone know where I can buy cool promo items with very low minimum quantities? I am thinking 50 items or less. TIA!
  3. Hi Lola- Sorry for the slow response but congrats on your upcoming wedding! Our voucher is already sold- sorry I forgot to post on the thread! I'm not sure I have pictures online anymore of our wedding but I'll PM you the link to my digital photo album which has some pictures that might be useful to you. We had dinner with our guests in the Blue Room and part of our reception in the red room. We were married on the beach (I think at 4pm too). It was insanely windy but it was April so hopefully October will be beautiful for you!
  4. Hi Everyone- I am selling a voucher for 2 nights at Secrets Maroma Beach (SMB) Riveria Cancun good for a stay in a Junior Suite Ocean View room. Unfortunately I cannot use this voucher before the expiration date. I’m very sad I can’t use this but it might as well go to someone who can make use of it. The expiration date is May 31, 2012 This voucher is valued at $1140 My internet connection is unreliable so please PM me if you’re interested or have any questions (if my internet is down my husband checks my email when he's at work). NOTE- I will be away from Sunday, Jan 15- Sunday, Jan 22 but should be able to check my email a few times. See Terms and Conditions listed below -Can only be transferred once (me to you) -Only valid at Secrets Maroma Beach Riveria Cancun in a Junior Ocean View Suite -Subject to availability at the time of your requested booking -You must present the original certificate at check-in (I was sent an electronic form when it was issued and that is what I will send to you -Except Christmas and New Year’s weeks, Thanksgiving day and special holidays (SMB’s wording) -You may request your booking through your travel agent or directly to the hotel. Contact the Reservations Manager at 00 52 984 877 36 42 or reservations.semrc@secretsresorts.com
  5. Thanks for the responses! These are really good ideas...so creative! i appreciate your input!
  6. I am doubtful this post thread belongs in this specific forum but I didn't see a forum for "post wedding" or "wedding vows". Mods, can you please move to the correct forum if there's a better fit? I need some inspiration. Has anyone written their own vows on paper and then after the wedding mounted them in a cool way? Or even having the vows inscribed, engraved, painted, or done in calligraphy? Does anyone know where to get something like this done?
  7. I didn't book a Swim Out room but when I got married on the beach I walked on the patios of all the swim out rooms in building 27. There were a bunch of ladies sitting out on their patios that I had parade in front of. I'm sure their privacy is much greater at night...when no brides are walking around. We booked an Ocean View room and I'm glad we did. We were on the second floor of building 17. We considered booking a Swim Out room but were glad didn't in the end. I never saw anyone use theirs the whole time we were there. We used the regular pool and the ocean.
  8. They bring out speakers and a sound system to plug the Ipod into. and yes, a very long extension cord!
  9. Great review ReeRee...thanks for sharing! It sounds like everything went off without a hitch! You had a few options that I didn't have my wedding (the location of your ceremony for instance) which is fantastic! I'm dying to see pictures now!
  10. Hi Jodster: I was married at SMB in '09 and I walked way down the beach and the marina for deep sea fishing is either the other way (towards Cancun) or not nearby enough to walk to. PDC by car is about a 20-30 minute drive depending on traffic and how crazy your taxi driver is. There's no true golf course next door but rather, if you sign up to golf at a course then transportation is provided in the cost though I don't know where exactly the golf course is. The concierge told us it wasn't far away.Hope this helps!
  11. Reeree- awesome pics!! Those are gorgeous! I absolutely loved the hacienda but unfortunately we didn't get any pics there. I second Mlynnea with a note to all future brides checking out the hacienda before the wedding day. You pretty much can't go wrong with it!
  12. Welcome and congrats SMB2B! We didn't have to give quite as detailed information as you've been asked for. We DID have to give our parent's occupations, salaries/occupations, etc when we were married but I think that is because we had a legal ceremony, not just a symbolic ceremony. Which are you having? We had to have witnesses which my family was able to be and I think that was the only reason they asked for their occupations. I wonder if they ask for that info from you because you live in Ireland? Maybe there are different "requirements" between Ireland and Mexico than the US and Mexico ? You could ask Cecilia why they need that info and maybe she can shed some light on why you need to give such detailed info.
  13. Hey there Jenny: Â When we got married in '09 they didn't "extend" the reception but you can take your whole group and go to the "disco" club to continue dancing and drinking if that's what you have in mind.
  14. Hi Cheerleader: I thought about shipping some of my stuff but was worried that things would "not make it" either through customs or at the resort itself. In spite of my NOT shipping my stuff I still had things disappear at the resort after my wedding...NOT HAPPY! If any of your guests live near you guys you could always ask them to help bring things down to the resort. We visited my family prior to our wedding and asked them to bring some things down for us. They were happy to since that meant they'd have more room for souvenirs going back home. 40 bags is a lot but you will have to decide if the risk of everything being lost/damaged outweighs the cost of pawning some of it off on your guests.
  15. Hey ReeRee: even though your questions are directed at Massagegirl the minister that did our ceremony spoke English although she was a native Spanish speaker. She had some pretty good one liners, too. The red polyester suit gave some of our guests a laugh but our guests thought the minister was good too.
  16.  Originally Posted by sfrost3 A few quick questions to throw out there:  - How did you choose your menus? (I did get Cecilia to agree I could mix and match from the different menu 'levels')  I chose my menus based upon what I personally like (I have simpler tastes than our guests so I wanted to be darn sure there was SOMETHING I'd like) but otherwise I wanted to please my guests  - Where to buy the actual bags for the OOT bags??  I bought mine online and they were actually small coolers bags with a design I made/had made for them. I split the bags with another bride on the forum. We still use ours and I'm glad we did it the way we did. Other brides get theirs all over the place, craft stores, online, Target (when they have the $1 bins), etc  - Did you set up outside activities/excursions for the guests?  I kind of "set-up" our guest's trip to the ruins in Tulum. The ones that went LOVED it and had a great time. They also loved the driver. We did not pay for them but we booked them through the person in the reception area. Due to the fact that the people in the reception area can set pretty much anything up I didn't bother with doing it myself. Plus some people wanted to hang out on the beach while others were sunburned and did not want to do that.  Â
  17. Â I use Blurb to print off a book of my blog. You can customize layouts but you can't export them for use at other sites like you can with Fotofusion. I don't think their book quality is as good as BRI's but for anyone who wants a less expensive book then Blurb would be pretty good. Someone could also use Blurb if they wanted to do a parent's album or albums for guests, etc. Â Simistar- even though I think I already told you your album rocks, well, it ROCKS! Thank goodness for a new Mac, right? Your planning and now your album have inspired a lot of brides, myself included!! Amazing job!
  18. Â Hey Melly: Â I also only had 20 people at my wedding (including myself, DH, and our two photogs) and we hired the sound system and hooked my Ipod up to it. We made a playlist ahead of time and used that as our music. I think Simistar hired a DJ and her reception looked like a lot of fun with the a cool floor, lights,and dancing. It's probably "cooler" to hire a DJ but for us we didn't have very many dancers which is why we went the sound system route. You could search on the forum for Simistar's review of her wedding at SMB for more info on "to hire or not to hire a DJ"...she was married at SMB in December also.
  19. Thanks Reeree!! Sorry, I can't remember if your ceremony will be on the beach or by the pool but if it's by the pool it will be ever so slightly less windy by the pool.
  20. No problem! I wore my hair mostly down. I did have the pouf in front but the rest was down and curled. I LOVED having it down though now I wish I had had it ALL down So many things I would do differently because I loved planning so much I did have a "hair ornament" as well. It was windy as HECK on my wedding day (April 25). We were at SMB for 9 days and I think there were only 1-2 days with a flag color other than red. They use the flags to indicate wind strength and red is "hella windy". lol Our wind was not so romantic but it was still gorgeous that day. Here is a picture that shows how my hair was: Â
  21. Â I'm not entirely sure how many hair and make-up people are on hand for weddings. It was only me using the spa so I assume they wouldn't pay the other hair and make-up people to just stand around. Maybe someone who had multiple people using the hair and make-up people can answer your question? Â Â ReeRee- you got it right! The hair and make-up people did meet my expectations. I wanted my hair curled/made wavy by using a flat iron (certain barrel size) so I brought my Chi to Mexico with me. She didn't know what I was talking about but then I showed her and she got it exactly. When we did the trial run I hated the make-up on my decollete and the fronts of my shoulders so I told her not to do that for my wedding. She listened. I wanted slightly lighter eye make-up for my wedding and she also did that. I wanted a smaller pouf for my wedding and she also did that. Unfortunately I can't remember her name. If you get someone who does not understand English very well don't be afraid to ask for a "translator" because you want to avoid any language mis-understandings on your wedding day! Â
  22. When I got married at SMB in April '09 I used the hair and makeup in the wedding package as a trial run. I'm glad I did because then I was able to tell the girl the adjustments I wanted made on the actual day. Due to the number of people with you that are going to the spa I'd definitely book in advance with Cecilia. The spa is really nice though it can be busy! In the 9 days we spent in Mexico there were weddings on 8 days! Â The lady that did my hair and make-up seemed pretty experienced and didn't even make any wacko faces when my photographer was taking pictures! My three visits to the spa were all problem free!
  23. I think I figured it out. When i try to download the templates using IE instead of Firefox it seems OK. I can't get the heart in "Love" for the Love Savers to show up. It shows up as a crooked "J". Can anyone help with this?
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