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Any TTCer's out there?


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For now, I'm waiting for the results of my blood work, tomorrow at 10am.


After the exhilarating feeling of this morning I feel very down right now, because the nurse told me I could not work out, not even yoga, not have intercourse before week 13, and above all not travel, when I have my annual trip to return to France and see my parents and friends planned for next week. I've been depressed all afternoon. sad.gif I know the baby is a good news but should I really be almost on bed rest ? I mean, if this is a bad apple, it will fall... even if I do nothing. I really need this trip, this is my only opportunity to see my Mom and Dad. I know it's a long trip but I have comfortable seats (Premium Coach, between coash and business - lots of leg room and a seat that actually does allow to sleep). Nurse said it was because of take off and landing. I don't understand why :(. I read tons of stuff about travelling in first trimester (and actually, I'm only in week 5 !) and they all say it's fine ! that there's not even an appearance of it being linked to miscarriages, except for stewardesses that worked more than 74 hours in a month in a plane (and they work, like, they don't sit and watch a movie).


I mean, I should probably cancel my business trip to Brazil planned to Sunday to Wednesday, but my much needed vacation ? I have a very stressful job ; I've been in the office until 10pm every day since 2 weeks due to crisis-kind of period (I start at 8am). Last week I had to go to Mexico and nest I'm supposed to go to Brazil. I am living in a foreign country with almost no friends. My family is thousands of miles away and I only see them once a year. I was really, really, really looking forward to this. I don't know what's better : the stress of not going (and staying at work because of course I would try to go later, in second trimester), or the take-off and landing ?


Nurse said that the Dr I'm seeing (who is really good) is very strict with her patients because he wants to put all chances on their side. He also wants to see them every week for ultra sound and hormone check. And that if I was not available maybe I should "consider not seeing him". God. I feel awful. I don't want to resent this yet to be born child but right now I kind of do and now if I miscarry, I will feel awfully guilty !!!


I hope blood works tomorrow show everything is fine and maybe I can get a clearance. I mean, pregnant women have a life, right ??? I don't even know if I'm an at risk pregnancy. Yes, I'm 37 and yes, I had a miscarriage before, but I did get pregnant twice since we started (in Oct 09, less than 9 months ago) and 20% of all pregnancies do end in miscarriages just because of chromosomal defects... so who said I'm not just perfectly OK ? Actually - the extensive blood work done 2 weeks ago show nothing wrong.


I read this on a frequent traveller forum :


You can't shake a green apple from a tree and you can't easily damage a healthy fetus. Live your life. If you have always ridden horses, run or flown, keep doing it. You don't lose babies because of anything you do, you only lose them because they arent growing right. That is nature's way of making as sure as possible that moms have strong, healthy babies.


This is so much the advise I want to follow right now !!


OK, that was a long rant, sorry. Maybe it's the hormones and I will feel better tomorrow...

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I've never heard anything so strict before either.  I like the quote that you put at the bottom and I kinda agree.  Maybe the nurse was right and that doctor isn't right for you and your life.  He seems...high maintenance, for lack of better word.  


FX for a sticky bean!

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I have never heard you can't travel... in fact my dr allowed it all the way until 32 weeks.


If you don't feel he is a good fit I would def look for a new dr. I agree with Carly that he sounds high maintenance. I'm sorry you feel so bad. I would really look into another dr though.

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Originally Posted by Kat81 View Post


I have never heard you can't travel... in fact my dr allowed it all the way until 32 weeks.


If you don't feel he is a good fit I would def look for a new dr. I agree with Carly that he sounds high maintenance. I'm sorry you feel so bad. I would really look into another dr though.


I actually have another Dr already - because this guy is not a delivery Dr, just a fertility one. You know, thinking about it, I just talked to the nurse, so maybe she gave me the stuff that is standard for all the patients he has - in majority ladies that REALLY have fertility issues - you know, IVF and IUI and multiple miscarriages... I went there to check I was OK - because I'm older and don't have that much time to lose trying and trying with no success. I did not hear anything to the contrary so far so... I cross my fingers that this morning I still don't hear anything to the contrary and that I can go on as usual ;)

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Good luck Ayita.  I tend to agree with your quote and feel that the emotional benefits of visiting your family outweigh any potential minor risks in a otherwise normal and healthy person.  It also sounds as if the nurse is overstepping her boundries IMO.


All I can think about is babies and TTC.  DH and I have come to the decision that I will no longer continue on BC at the end of this cycle which means I will be taking my last BCP on August 12!!  We are both ready to become parents, but I'm fully expecting for it to take a few months for me to regulate.


I've been on the BCP for 11 years, and before that, I had extremely long cycles, but was fairly regular - so for that I'm hopeful.  For me its important that we start TTC sooner rather than later because of a family history of uterine fibroid tumors.  Both my grandmother and mother had hystorectomies due to multiple softball sized tumors that did not respond to alternate treatments.  The odds go up when I get into my 30's that I will develop them, so for me the time for trying is now!  I know that women are able to successfully carry a child while also having fibroids, but I would prefer to reduce my risk.


I ordered TCOYF last week, and I'm anxiously awaiting its arrival by mail.  I can't wait to crack that bad boy open!  I'm fairly aware of my own body and my mom was always SUPER open about everything related to being a women, but I figure the more info I can acquire, the better!


Good luck to all the TTC'ers and I'll pop back in when the BD has begun!

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So - update.


My hcg came back at 28 which is low - but in the range. I cancelled my business trip to Brazil (my boss was GREAT !), am getting started today on progesterone suppositories and will be back in Dr's office first thing Monday morning for Ultra sound and more blood work - and from there we can confirm if this is a healthy pregnancy, or a doomed one. From what I understand, there are many reasons why HCG could be low - one of them being that date of conception could be later than we think. But if HCG increases properly, it means it's fine. So final diagnostic Monday. I cannot hellp but feel confident because the home test came back negative on Wednesday, but positive on Thursday (ie huge increase from Wed to Thu) and today I started to feel slightly nauseous - which is usually linked to high rise in your hormones and that I did not experiment in the last pregnancy.


I have not yet cancelled my trip back home !!


seaprincess - you're absolutely right about the nurse !! I stopped listening to her this morning : when I called, she said doctor did not review results yet, and she told me, your level is 28, it's low, it could be chemical. WTF ????? Of course first thing I did was google it and no - it's in the range ! WHO ARE YOU to tell things like this to patients ?!?!?

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I'm thinking that you should complain about this nurse to your doctor!  When I had my ectopic, they weren't allowed to tell me anything about my test results and I had to hear it from a doctor each time.  My numbers did what they were supposed to do to, so they were so sure it was fine, but it ended up not being fine at all.


I'm hoping that your symptoms are good signs of a sticky bean!

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So - update ! Level 160 this morning, so it's looking good ! Going back Thursday morning. Dr said I could fly but it was a risk I was taking. Hellz yeah I'm taking it, I still believe 2 weeks vacation is better than 2 weeks stressing at work, even with the flight ! He says if I'm starting to bleed over there, I need to take care of it over there. Hey, France is not an under-developped country ;)


I also offered to do the blood work in France and fax the results over (in France we get a copy of all labs we do - one copy for the doc, one copy for you). So, it's easy !! We'll see what he says on Thursday.


Happy today !! (even if no intercourse or work-out green light yet... at least I get part of my life back ;) )

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