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New, Confused, and Down to the last Minute....HELP

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My name is Cachet. My wedding date is 10/30/09 I have been planning my destination wedding for the past month. Actually trying to find a location. I finally found one!!! But encountered a problem. I really wanted to have the wedding at Dreams Cancun. After calculating the cost of the additional wedding guests, and my guest cost, plus the ammenities it offerred, I decided to choose RIU Cancun. I was set on it. Requested a date and everything. THen I got a response back from RIU that said my guest number was too large and told me to go to RIU Caribe. I am very concerned about that. I'm not sure if that is good enough for me and my guests. They told me I needed to make a decision in the next 24 hours or my request will be cancelled. The dates there are filling up fast so I have to make a decision QUICK.


Has anyone gotten married at RIU Caribe??




Thanks, Cachet

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Try searching on here and on trip advisor to try to get info on the resort. I agree I would not rush into picking a place you have plenty of time.

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