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Totally stoked because I just got my first two orders from VP today :)


I don't have a lot of information except for our travel site etc, so we did the business card with that information on it so we can hand it out to family and have them get prepared :)


I also ordered year to go post cards because I thought it'd be awesome to do little reminders for those who are booking and those who are still thinking about it.

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Another vistaprint addict here!  Just placed 2 orders for $30 with shipping for:


25 Pre-wedding brochures

100 "Welcome" post cards for OOT bags

100 "Thank you" post cards for after the wedding

3 tote bags

2 pens

10 sheets of letterhead

and a "Future Mrs...." Tshirt


Amazing!!!!  Oh, I love this forum.

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Update!  I just bought a Living Social deal $10 for $50.  It was a little tricky and had to chat with a Vista Print rep to get the credit but it worked out.  20 tote bags turned out to be $30 instead of $80.  Then all this was free over the course of 4 orders, only had to pay shipping!


3 tote bags

4 Pens

3 Shirts

1 Hat

50 Brochures

300 Post Cards

Return Address Labels

2 Post it note pads

20 calendar magnets

10 sheets of letter head

“Eat, Drink, Be Married†rubber stamp


I'll post pictures when they come in!


I am DONE with Vista Print for a while!!!! LOL

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