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  1. b gardner - Yelapa was just amazing. Such a cute town and the place we stayed - Verana was UNREAL. So beautiful! BrideFeb132012 - Hey Heather! What time are you starting to take pictures with your photographer? This was our timeframe: I did Hair at 11 and Make-up at 12. Then we had enough time to eat something in the room before the photographer came at 3 to take pictures. Our ceremony was at 4:30 / Reception at 6:30 So if you're taking pictures beforehand you might want to move your hair appointment up a bit? What are you planning on doing from 3:30 - 6? A cocktail hour or just have your guests do their own thing at the bar? We did the latter, but we only had about an hour between the ceremony and reception. That's really strange that Fatima said you only get 2 hours of bar service. It should be 3! They do kick you out of the terrace at 10:30 no matter what. I'm sure you can pay more to stay the full 4 hours (6 - 10). We paid extra to have champagne right after our ceremony ended on the beach. Then we all toasted in a picture. I liked that better than having champagne during the speeches and all the guests liked the touch :-) We paid extra for cake and it was NOT worth it. The other buffet desserts were much better. But, it was nice to have that cake cutting picture. We did flowers through the resort. If you keep it simple they are somewhat resonably priced. Good luck!
  2. Thanks everyone!!!! It's so great to relive the moments through the photos and video. But I'm sad it's over LOL. Luckily we have our AHR on Saturday and I cannot wait to celebrate again!! I hope everyone is having a great New Year being a MRS.!!!
  3. Happy Holidays ladies! Hope you all had a great Christmas! Things have been buuuuusy. First we got all of our pro pictures from Michelle Turner - 1,000 of them! Oye. But they are AMAZING. We also got our wedding video! My co-worker edited it for us: Home reception is next weekend and I cannot WAIT. I legally changed my name on Tuesday and have switched pretty much everything except my passport. What a process! Glad it's done. Have a great New Year everyone! Here are a few of my fav pro pictures:
  4. Not too many people at all! I thought it was perfect! I was worried when I first saw the dance floor space (where the cake was) and it was plenty big enough :-) We actually didn't do a cocktail hour. We figured we were at an all inclusive so why pay $20 a person when there's a bar near by anyways! Our guests had no issues, problems or confusion. We took our pictures after the ceremony - guests either freshened up in their room or hung out at the bar until the reception started. It went perfectly!
  5. Our photographer said 6 weeks.... which is reallllly pushing it for our AHR! We'll see! But in the meantime she just posted a blog with teaser pictures and I'm in love. With the pictures!!!! And my new hubby of course :-) Here it is!!!!!! http://michelleturnerphotography.net/puerto-vallarta-wedding-photography/sarah-and-ben-puerto-vallarta-wedding-photography/
  6. Hola! We got married two weeks ago (11/18/11) and got home last weekend. Everything was amazing. Perfect. Fatima was great! I was very particular and gave her a lot of direction. She nailed it. Review to come - but here are some pictures! Las Palmas - 60 guests - 7 round tables Seaside beach Las Palmas again Bridesmaids and their flowers My dad walking me down the aisle
  7. Just thought I'd post a few of mine from the big day :-) Dreams was so perfect!
  8. I'm baaaaack as well! What an amazing amazing wedding and trip. The wedding day went perfectly! A few bumps along the way (no where to hang my dress on the plane, rushed to get the OOT bags done in time, etc). But Dreams was perfect and it seriously was everything I had ever wanted. The honeymoon at Verana in PV was just unreal. It's so sad to be back hahah. But now I get to wait for the pro pictures and finish all the stuff for the AHR. Eeek still so much to do but all good things. Congrats to all :-)
  9. Alysa you looked amazzzzing!!! I love love love your dress! And Courtney I love your screen grabs haha I would be doing the same thing! I'm glad I'm not the only one stressing, feeling weird, and not getting sleep! We leave for the airport at 3:30 AM tomorrow and just can't wait to check those bags and get to dreams! I'm sure after we get there on tuesday I'll feel better! Almost time. Yay!
  10. Congrats alysam4785 !!!!! Can't wait to read your planning thread! Did anyone else has last week anxiety? I was pretty calm, but the past couple days I haven't been sleeping well and I'm kind of sick to my stomache.. but not in a sick way, but nerves. It's strange. I'm so ready to get there and relax!!
  11. So we're legally married! Besides the 2 minutes with the judge nothing feels different, but it is a cool thought :-) 2 days to go!!! We bought a scale to weigh our luggage and it's not working...!!! So now I'm really worried about paying over-weight fees. Did you guys put luggage right on the scale or weigh yourself with and without baggage to see the weight? Today I'm cleaning, doing laundry, re-packing and hitting up target for last minute goods for the trip! How are you feeling Taryn??
  12. I wrote on the Dreams FB page an Juan said this: Yes the mexican party is every Friday, but next week will be on Sunday 20 of Nov. because is the celebration of the Mexican revolution. if your wedding is in las palmas, don't worry, the music of the Mexican Fiesta never over power the wedding at las palmas. So we should all be fine :-)
  13. I usually plan every outfit for each day... but I'm very unorganized for this trip. There are too many days to plan for! So I'm kind of throwing in everything that I *think* I might wear. Here's what I have so far: 3 pairs of heels / 4 pairs of sandals / 1 pair gym shoes 5 or 6 pairs of shorts (probably way more than I need) A bunch of tank tops and a few nicer tops for dinner 2 skirts but mostly dresses (one for each night / dinner) - 2 of them are long dresses 3 cover-ups and 4 or 5 bathing suits And I'll either wear my white capris on the plane or my white linen pants... Too many decisions!
  14. Hmm that's a bummer... our wedding is a week from today (Friday) on the Las Palmas Terrace. I hope it doesn't interupt and that's too bad we are missing the Mexican Fiesta!!! Is it always Friday nights? How did you find that out?
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