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  1. have fun and i agree...bring us back lots of pictures lol! are you having your ceremony on the beach or indoors?
  2. im also just starting to plan for a 2012 wedding in cuba, i ideally would like to book a photographer by this april, my fi doesn't think we should spend the money to fly one down and would be fine using the ugggggg resort photog...i hope i win this round lol so thanks for all the suggestions and websites ladies keep em coming!!!!
  3. i e-mailed one of the vendors on here for more info on group rates etc, i will def have to wait until april 2011 to send out std's too i guess that is when they get new info for the following year....but still havent heard back, the fb page is a huge help!!! it's soooo hard to plan things from sooo far i really never though there would be so much to do with a dw wedding LOL boy was i wrong!!! congrats to you too...can't wait for your review and pics!
  4. oops that should read a CAA auto membership
  5. omg i love that idea of throwing paint around....my mother would have a heart attack haha im having enough trouble explaining the reasoning behind jumping off of a cliff ...you have to post lots of pics if u do it!!!!
  6. my mom for xmas this year gave me a CAA (for the americans out there same as AAA) ummmm i don't have a vehicle lmao we went down to 1 car to save money ...thanks mom lol
  7. but i've seen some amazing shots on railroad tracks too which i think is also considered ttd the b&g were hanging off old trains and walking hand in hand long dirty old tracks and the brides makeup was really smokey and dramatic...
  8. lmao i can't believe this but i do not own a any spanx....i know...im gonna get some next shopping trip though! i don't care i want to get my dress soaked and roll around in the sand with my husband....my mother thinks im crazy for ttd but i don't plan on wearing it again lol
  9. great idea i could use all the help i can get!
  10. ok this is my new favorite thread; 1. i really love my last name and don't want it to change, it's my connection to my father who is amazing and my fi doesn't even talk to his dad (bad divorce when he was a kid) but i love him more so i guess my namr will be changing 2. i can't watch say yes to the dress or a baby story without crying 3 my best friend lives 36 hours away i miss her everyday 4 i have a guilty pleasure of the hills and the city and teen mom lmao fi makes fun of me(and im 31 not a teenager hahha) 5 i worry alot about being too old too start a family i don't want to be retired when our kids r starting college (yet we just keep gettn older lol) Â
  11. this thread is perfect i haven't started a web site yet so i have to check it out, your's seems soo organized !!!!
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