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  1. Finished Hunger Games. I enjoyed it. I will have to pick up the next 2 books.
  2. Awesome. Just ordered it. Look forward to reading it!
  3. I like this idea!! Makes it a little more easy for everyone!
  4. Thank ladies! I just started Sarah's Key. Pretty good thus far.
  5. Only have the 5 "free" pics from the Cuban Photographer right now. Will be a bit for our photographers pictures. Here's the link to see the 5 if anyone is interested: http://s974.photobucket.com/albums/ae228/CrystalandChrisWedding/Wedding%20Ceremony/
  6. Thanks ladies. I only have the 5 "free" pictures I get from the Cuban Photographer as of yet. Be a couple weeks to get my Photographers. But here's the link to those http://s974.photobucket.com/albums/ae228/CrystalandChrisWedding/Wedding%20Ceremony/
  7. So we're back from our Wedding. Was amazing. I am assuming I'm not behind in anything right now??
  8. We're back!! Wedding was amazing. Happy to be home though!
  9. Wow I picked the book and don't have time to discuss it. We leave for our wedding on Saturday and it's just crazy around here. I will say that I really enjoyed the book. Very interesting reading from a child's point of view. I like the way she did that so well. I'm still on Sarah's Key. Haven't had much reading time lately. Will check in when I get home
  10. So we're outta here on Saturday!! YAYYY Thanks for everyones help. Very much appreciated!
  11. I'm outta here on the 16th for my Wedding, so I won't be reading while we're away. So keeping it the month I personally think it's a good idea. However if we find people finishing up the books, just go ahead and pick the next. I finally got my books today. So I'll start Sarah's Key tonight sometime
  12. Just ordered Sarah's Key, I was actually reading up on that book yesterday. And I also ordered The Help...since everyone keeps talking about it LOL
  13. Glad you enjoyed it. One of the reasons that intrigued me to pick it was because she is Canadian!! Â
  14. Any word on the new book yet??
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