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  1. Hi Ladies! I ordered my wedding dress from Monica Bridal and had a GREAT experience with them, dress was great, communication was wonderful and shipping was super quick. We had a perfect wedding day, here are a couple of pics:
  2. Correct, ordered it from Monica Bridal...I HIGHLY recommend them. GREAT communication, got it very quick (about 4 weeks total) and only $120 total! I ordered it to my measurements and it was perfect, only ended up taking to a tailor to have a bustle put in as the train was a little longer than I had anticipated. I'm very happy with it and SO glad I found this site!!
  3. I did some pre-bridal pics before my wedding in the Dominican in 2 weeks. Got a chance to get a full pic of my dress, I ordered it from Monica Bridal.
  4. I hadn't really ever heard of doing "pre-bridal" portraits of just the bride, taken at some point before the wedding. However, my friends is getting into photography and had done bridal portraits before her own wedding and suggest she and I do a session. It was so much fun! I enjoy having these pics too since we don't have a professional photographer for our wedding in the Dominican, just friends taking pictures. Here are a few:
  5. Here is my engagement ring and band and my future hubby's band, and then a pic of the detail on the side of my e-ring.
  6. oh and someone asked about supplies for the flip flops. I got the white flip flops at Old Navy for $2.50 each. The swarovski crystals came in packages of 100 at Michael's craft store, I used the coupons in their flier for 40% off and bought 3 packages (300 crystals!), I also bought a small bottle of "jewel glue" from the craft section of Michael's that is apparently made specifically for sticking crystals to things! Total cost for all 3 pair of flip flops was about $25
  7. I actually think they look better in person. I got the flowers at Michael's craft store, they were $6 per bunch (but I got them when they were half off so only $3). I got 4 bunches so at half price that was only $12. The spool of ribbon was about $3, I used the whole spool for the 2 bouquets. So it was about $15 total for both bouquets!
  8. I am getting married in Punta Cana on June 28th. We don't have a wedding party really, just us and my future husband's daughters ages 8 and 5. So I decided to make bouquets for the girls rather than buy extra flowers since just my bouquet was included in our small wedding package. We are planning on being bare foot for the ceremony but will need shoes for dinner at the restaurant so I decided to glue swarovski crystals to cheap white flip flops for me and my step daughters. Two EASY DIY projects for a total cost of about $30!
  9. unfortunately I have no idea where that necklace comes from, I just saw the picture doing a search on google images for "colored wedding necklaces". Sorry!
  10. That sounds perfect, my dress is a sweetheart neckline as well so I look forward to seeing it! Enjoy your wedding, also looking forward to seeing pics of your day!
  11. yes, please get a hold of me!!! you can email me at toriedzelak@hotmail.com or feel free to contact me on here! My wedding is June 28th, we fly out June 23rd. Thanks MUCH!!!!! t
  12. this is beautiful and PERFECT!!!! Where did you find such a great necklace?!
  13. thanks so much ladies! Clgriff: point well taken, I will have to be careful to choose something I really love and that has a more timeless look yet still get the chunky look I'm after. I don't want to look a few years from now and cringe...so nothing too trendy! LaraJo: thanks for the pics!!! I think I definitely want to do something turquoise or multistrand and chunky (or both!) Besides, turquoise has been around forever, so it won't be too "trendy" years from now. yay! thanks!
  14. I ordered my dress through DH gate, and also ordered 2 flower girl dresses from China off Ebay and did not get any customs charges. I'm in the US. I think it depends on how they label the package and what the value is.
  15. Ladies! Do you think it would look odd to do a pop of color in my necklace for my Punta Cana beach wedding? We do not have a wedding party, so we don't have a "wedding color". Just me in my white dress, white veil, white orchid in my hair. DH in his khaki linen pants and white linen shirt. so no color anywhere other than flowers. I'm debating getting a necklace that has a pop of color, I'd love to find something that has some turquoise color stones or beads or some iridescent color or something, just something to add "tropical type color" Below are a couple of examples. my dress is strapless chiffon, overall pretty simple so I think it could handle a stronger necklace. I was thinking something that is long that I would wrap around 2 or 3 times to create a little bit of a chunky look, or something that is multi-strand so already chunky. Has anyone done or seen this done? thanks! some examples: I like how this first one has some color but it is not overwhelming color. I think the chunky style might lend itself nicely to a simple dress and a casual beach setting?? Number two isn't exactly what I had in mind, it is the best pic I could find of a colorful pop. I think I lean more toward turquiose bluish colors like the ocean??
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