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Wedding plans for the Summer of '08 or '09 - Riviera Maya


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Hi, I'm Jaime. We are not sure yet when we'll be getting married (we're not even engaged yet, but that date is quickly approaching...), but we're pretty set on the Riviera Maya area - most likely sometime during the Summer, either '08 or '09.


Right now our travel agent is steering us towards the Iberostar Tucan resort because she has done several weddings there and thinks the price is really good for the purpose of getting more people to go. (Around $800-900/person total) We are planning a trip down there to go visit that as well as other places in the area. The Iberostar Tucan looks like it may be a bit too casual for what we are looking for though. We have stayed at the Royal Porto Real twice and really love that resort but it may be too expensive to ask people to stay at.


I would love to hear any feedback you may have on the Iberostar Tucan or any other hotels in the area!




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hi... and welcome... this site will definitely help you find a lot of the info you need to make your decision... i was married at the Al Cielo Hotel (www.alcielohotel.com)... which is about 30 minutes south of PDC... and most of our guests stayed with us at the Grand Palladium Kantenah, 5 minutes south of the Al Cielo... we choose the Grand Palladium, because (a) it was really close to where we were having our wedding, and (B) it was the most affordable all-inclusive resort out of the resorts we looked at...


i'm sorry i don't have any info about Tucan, i've stayed at other Iberostars, and i loved them... but if you decide to stay in a resort near or in PDC, you'll have more then enough hotels/resorts for your guests to choose from...


again... welcome... and if you have any questions... just ask...



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Welcome, sadly I will be of no use for your resorts, but I'm sure plenty of the ladies or gents on this site will be able to get you some great information!

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