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favour freakout!!

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I'm going to have a nervous breakdown!


I ordered some stuff to throw into everyone's OOT bags a few months ago - they said it would take 8-12 weeks to ship which was fine, I had plenty of time. Anywho about 2 weeks ago I still hadn't received them and it had been about 12 weeks, so I emailed them to see if they had a tracking number or whatever so I could see what's going on. They JUST emailed me back and asked if I could tell them when my payment was deducted from my Visa and for my order # (I don't have my order # - computer problems sad.gif ) but I started going through my Visa statements from the past few months - they never charged my Visa!)@$!)#%(@#*%


I dunno what to do - we're leaving in 4 days. I'm going to have to do a mega shopping trip in PDC I guess sad.gif

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Oh Melissa, I'm so sorry, that SUCKS! Stupid people, but don't worry, first of all, nobody really cares about that stuff, and your guests and you will have a wonderful trip and forget all about it once you're there.

And second of all, I think a little shopping trip once you get there is a great idea! You'll be able to get cute things from the area for an affordable price which sounds perfect, it will probably end up being even better!!!


So don't worry, and just be excited that you're leaving in 4 days!!!!

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don't worry... just be excited you're leaving in a few days... shopping in PDC for your OOT bags is fine... thats we did (30 bags)... we also bought our wedding favors there... and if you can think of any gifts from walmart or sam's club, PDC has both... we bought little shot glasses, magnets, maracas, etc...

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Okay Melissa don't freak out yet. I don't know what you wear planning on putting in your bags but here are some suggestions:


1. Go to staples, they sell medicine packets and that kinds of stuff that can be really helpful.

2. You can also still order stuff online and have it overnighted. There are tons of places that will do this for you.

3. And lastly the market down there will have very cute stuff like maracas and other mexican goodies.


If you want me to help you look for stuff online PM me and I will start doing emergency research ASAP.


Don't stress we will help you.



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The good news is, none of your guests knew what they were going to get, so now they get an official mexican suvi. I think that's pretty cool. I'm sure you'll find something really amazing!

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Originally Posted by mgreen View Post
I think you'll find plenty of goodies to fill your OOt bags with. Does the Mayan have a walmart or costco? I've heard there are some good deals on sunscreen and stuff there.
In cancun you can find all those stores, wal-mart, costco, sam's, etc..
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