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Hi ladies -- for those of you that did STD magnets through vistaprint or so, how did you do it??


I am struggling so much, I have done several designs using photos, clip art, wording, all in powerpoint because it's easy to use... but every time I try to upload them into vistaprint it says it is too low resolution, it's so frustrating, they show up all blurry. sad.gif


Ann and others that did this, how did you get it to be the right resolution??


Here are some of my designs, they show up clear when I look at them on my computer... I don't understand!

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Hi Margaret. I used vista print too for my DIY magnets. I know they require extreme resolution. Are you wanting to get the large magnets or the small ones? I can help you resize the pixels and stuff. PM me your images and email and I'll do it for you with my photoshop :)

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i have to admit, i really struggled with mine. i actually ordered 2 batches before i got it right - but they only charged me for 1 - they were great. i finally figured it out, but i called them for help once, and they were able to really walk me through it, and even touched it up for me while we were on the phone.

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