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Hi Ladies! I'm in the process of trying to figure out how to send my own electronic STD. I have a decent start, i have imported my picture into Outlook but I don't know how to do a couple of things. I need to know how to do:


1: add text over the picture to the blank areas for the STD text

2: how to fade the picture enough so that the text stands out


If anyone knows how to do either of these I'd love to know how. OR if you've made your own a different way I'd love to know that too! Thanks girls!

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If you are familiar with Photoshop, you can pretty much manipulate the picture any way you like (add text, fade, resize, etc.) and then send an html based email with the image inserted.

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If you put it in word or in Microsoft publisher you can right click on the image and change the color or transparency of the image. Then you can add a text box and write on top of it.


When you are finished you can save it and then make changes to it in paint or other photo editing programs.


Then you can add it to the email as an attachment or put it right into the email.


You can not do the editing in Outlook.


Good Luck!

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Might not be what you were looking for but I created our wedding website on weddingwindow.com and they give you free matching electroic STDs. If you are going to create a website this is a nice option that is free and easy!

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Very Easy to do!


Open Microsoft Powerpoint.


Go to Insert, Picture, From File


Then do Insert, Picture, Auto Shapes, pick the 3rd option "Basic Shapes"

Click the first one "Rectangle"


Click & drag you mouse to make it bigger. It defaults to be light blue.....


Double click on the rectangle you just added, go to Colors & Lines..

in the box Color, click to make it white, then once that is done right below the color box, see where it says Transparency..... make it about 60%.


Then go to line & select No Line, & then click OK


Make the Rectangle the same size of your picture.....




Then to add text, Insert, Text Box, Click and drag your mouse.

Type what you want to add, then make it the Font, color, size you want!


Drag you mouse around the whole thing (it should select all the items, picture, text & rectagle), right click Save As Picture, where it says File Type at the bottom, select .jpg. Save & attach as a picture in your email.


Just a word of advice, I sent it to myself first to make sure it looked the way I wanted it to....


PM me if you need more! Hope that helps!

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Hey Everyone:


Thank you so much for your advice!! I've been out having fun in Las Vegas since I first posted so I haven't yet been able to take anyone's advice. I'm hoping to have enough time this weekend to really get to work on it....I don't have Photoshop unfortunately but I can totally use Word, Powerpoint, and I know a little bit of Publisher.


Once i get something started or finished I'll post it so you all can see!


Thanks again! :)

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