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May 2009 Brides

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ordering things is so much fun! I feel like it makes it feel real! I ordered my raffia fans and I started to thread them (it is a pain the ass)...I started to look for pricing for the OOT bag stuff and I am working on my invites!

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Same here girls! I feel like its really starting to come together!


- Got our passports

- Picked the date: May 8th, 2009

- Picked the location: Dreams Cancun

- Paid for the deposit 50% for Dreams Cancun

- Sent out STD's (June 1, 2008 )

- Ordered flowers from AA (PAID)

- Purchased wedding ring for me & FI will use his Grandpa's ring

- Put deposit down on room for FI & me for wedding stay and honeymoon

- Chosen BM and GM

- I have my invites on the go with RSVP Feb 2nd (Hitched Invites)

- Dress is ordered and will arrive Jan 16

- Shoes & purse purchased

- Something blue - panties

- Ordered my garters

- Crystals & Starfish for my cake topper (DIY)

- Cake cutter & server

- Champagne flutes - not taking these to DW

- Wedding bubbles purchased on ebay

- Luggage tags & items to send an update to those who book purchased



Left to do:

- OOT bags and stuff for BM & GM and ring bearer

- FI's attire TBA waiting till Feb/Mar to find Linen suits

- BM & GM attire

- Purchase flights and finish paying for room for wedding & honeymoon

- Place cards, wedding matches, table decor, etc.

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UPDATE-I just ordered my invitations! I am so excited. I found the supplier on here-Prim and Pixie. They had the cutest things and so far have been great to deal with!! WOOHOO. One more thing off the list.

Question for the other May ladies-what did you make your RSVP date?

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Just wanted to post and say Hello. I've been reading the thread for some time now and haven't posted.


I've got a few things done. Definitely the majors - i.e. location, dress, photographer, STDs, website. There's still quite a bit to do (especially the details).


I'm happy to see that there's a lot of you that are reminding me to get my butt in gear.



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Hey Ladies,


I am happy to say that I can join this thread. We have finally booked a place and date. We are having our wedding at the Royal Playa del Carmen on May 25, 2009. Other then that I have my dress on order and the STD/invitations are in process of being made along with our website (Marianna & Alex - wedding website by mywedding.com). Other then that I am getting nervous seeing how much you girls have done so far.... ahhhhh.


Still need to get photographer, rabbi, BM dresses, GM attire..and the list goes on and on.



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Welcome Marianna!


I'm so excited! My centerpiece vases came in for our AHR! They're even nicer in person! I can't wait to see it all put together!

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Hi Girls!


I am also a May bride- May 1 at Playa Fiesta in Puerto Vallarta. This thread has been motivating. I've taken care of all the major items, but now I need to start working on the OOT bags, welcome letters, etc. I'm in the process of designing my invites. I think I am going to send them out in Jan for a March 1st RSVP date. I'm also going to have people RSVP on my website. The RSVP cards are giving me difficulty because I'm not sure how much info to put on them. Do I list events or just direct everyone to the website? In the end I don't think it will matter that much. My FI has a lot of friends that will wait to the last minute to book their rooms. I'm just hoping they will figure it out in the beginning of the year.


This is what I have done:

-Booked hotel (we have 20 rooms blocked & 16 rooms are booked).

-Bought dress

-Bought MoH dress (no bridesmaids, just my sister for Moh)

-Booked Photog

-Resort books DJ, cake maker, flowers, etc.

-Booked minister

-sent STD's

-working on invites

-Bought OOT bags

-Bought a few items for OOT bags


I look forward to counting down to May with you!

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you girls are soooo on top of things. i feel that we are so far behind. the only things we have is the place and a website. still working trying to figure everything else out.... sad.gif

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