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HELLO ...... again :)

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Hello again everyone!


I'm not really a newby. smile43.gif


I used this site quite a bit while planning my DW in Dreams Cancun on November 6, 2007. Since then, I had been super busy at my previous job with no time to browse the net. sad.gif I had recently started a new job and found myself with lots of free time and in the process of planning our first anniversary vacation to Costa Rica and somehow, found my way back to this site :) Everyone was exteremely helpful here during my wedding planning days and with my ample free computer time at the new job, I decided to return the favor as well as find some chat buddies :)

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Thank you, thank you!


To answer:

Do you have any pics from your wedding that you can post?
, I have tons but not in full resolution. That's why my siggy pics are so tiny, I copied them from my Kodakgallery account. I'll upload a few of the prof. ones when I get them in a bigger size :).


Really happy to be back! pinkie.gif

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