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S2Blennon's planning pics/ idea's.. DW & AHR!

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You really do look great in the dress! It's very pretty, and I love the pink sash. The shoes are great as well.

Definietly post the brooch when you find one! I think it'll be a nice touch.

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Originally Posted by S2BLennon View Post
Again... I am such a dweeb! Here I am starting mine, due to the fact that I get on here at all hours of the night and I missed the sticky!( I am obviously further than 2 weeks out from my wedding!) I am such a buthead. I apologize for the thread I started - you may remove it... or.... just move it to attire since that Is all I posted thus far?!

Im sorry in advance to the moderators!
I was going to mention the sticky to you, but I see that you now saw it.

What you have posted so far is perfect for the blog section. that is the place for the work in progress planning journal. You'd probably have to repost it there. I don't think a mod can move this into a blog.

then it's easy to copy & paste from your blog to make your final journal entry once you are done planning.

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