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Dreams Puerto Aventuras Brides - POST HERE!

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#441 AlliMay

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    Posted 29 January 2009 - 11:38 AM

    What a great story, marryinghimagain! Congrats on such a long and happy marriage...as RBB said, I hope to celebrate as long a marriage as you and your hubby!

    Kimmaranto---I will take your advice and try to stay off of Trip Advisor...well...I will still probably troll for photos and read the good reviews, tho!

    I really appreciate having this forum...It is so nice to be able to talk with others that are in the same boat as me

    I know that the group we have going are not high maintenance and will def. have a blast regardless...and I will be GETTING MARRIED! YAY!

    BTW...I ordered a dress yesterday from J.Crew and finished my template for our invites. Progress, ladies, Progress!

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    #442 RoryS

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      Posted 29 January 2009 - 12:43 PM

      Have any of you thought about planning activities for your guests? We are looking at going into PDC for a night - at one of the nightclubs - probably not until the day after the wedding, which will be a Saturday night. My nephew is going to turn 21 a week before, so we want to celebrate that and his also coming home from Iraq!! My niece is doing a symbolic ceremony and he is going to preside over that in his dress uniform, which I think will look beautiful!
      Getting back to PDC... is anyone aware of a bus or car service that we could get to go there and back? How far is it? I've heard anywhere from 15 minutes to a 1/2 hour...
      Also, what is the catamaran that DPA has. I assume it's a fairly small boat that takes a couple people at a time. Is there something that can be rented that is larger for a 1/2 day sail or something? Possibly going to Tulum?

      #443 Blkatz

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        Posted 29 January 2009 - 12:47 PM

        Playa is about 20 minutes away from PA. I didn't know that Dreams had a catamaran there-but there is a ton of companies that are in the marina that you can go with. Also, email the resort because there is an AMtour person on site and they can hook you up with a company that you can rent a catamaran with. We are thinking of doing one in Tulum and you have to drive to PA for it. I can email you the info if you want

        #444 Bianca

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          Posted 29 January 2009 - 12:52 PM

          Our wedding is on a Saturday so this is what we are planning:

          Friday- an excursion to some ruins, Coba/Tulum probably, and then maybe dinner in PDC. I still need to figure out if we can even afford that.
          Sunday- Maybe a trip to a nicer beach after breakfast.

          Thats about it. My dad "says" he will give us $6000 for the wedding, but I know money is really tight with him. They bought a new townhouse and are still stuck with their old one, but they are renting it out now. He actually gave me a credit card to buy stuff I need, but I feel bad to use it bc I don't want to rack up debt for him. I need to talk to FMIL about the dinner in PDC, maybe she will help us out.
          19 adults/3 children with flights booked! 10 rooms booked!


          #445 aaronsgirl

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            Posted 29 January 2009 - 01:02 PM

            We are also thinking about going to Tulum. I heard the beach is beautiful so I thought we could go early the day after the wedding, see the ruins and then spend some time at the beach before it gets too crowded.

            Other thoughts:
            ATV tours, zipline, horseback riding, Cenotes..... waiting to hear back from our TA on things.

            Bianca -
            I hear ya on the money issues. We are paying for everything and I just did my taxes(expecting to get some $$ to help in wedding costs) and found I actually owe $$.

            #446 RoryS

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              Posted 29 January 2009 - 01:10 PM

              Are you all going to schedule things for your entire group and whoever wants to go - goes, or are you just going to do things on your own? If you hire a company for a tour, do you need to guarantee a certain number? AND if, doing it as a group, will you write up some sort of schedule and include in the OOT bags or leave in the room?
              So many "little" things that need to be covered.
              Bianca - that really is nice of your Dad and I understand your hesitancy to take the money regarding his circumstances. $$'s are really tight for everyone right now.
              My niece asked that people just attend the wedding and not worry about a gift, although she did register on Target and another site, but just for small gifts, for those who want to give a gift-which I think most people still want to do.

              #447 Jesdinan

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                Posted 29 January 2009 - 01:52 PM

                Rainfall, I choose DPA for the following reasons:
                1) location- not too close to Cancun, not too far away either
                2) Dreams - I stayed at Dreams Cancun about two years ago- LOVED IT! Good food, good atmosphere, beautiful, great staff- Not a bad thing to say about it (except no free wireless internet!) So, I wanted to get married at a Dreams Resort.
                3) Size of hotel- big enough to have a lot of amnenities and a lot of restaurants and bars but small enough so that no one has to take a shuttle to the beach and It won't be too hard to meet up with my guests.
                4) Just renovated - it is nice to know that they just renovated so lots of things will be new. Plus the clean modern lines are really more my style then some of the other resorts.
                5) Good for Kids! I don't plan on having a lot of kids come to the wedding but it is nice to know that people with kids will feel like they can bring them if they want to - lots of kids acitivities and kids 12 and under stay free so you can't beat that!
                6) Adults only portions- nice to know that there is an adults only pool (and I think an adults only restaurant) so if you want to get away from kids, you can.
                7) Close to golf- I don't personally like to golf but many of my friends and family do.

                As far as excursions, depending on how many people come, we are going to try to take everyone out on a catamaran (and pay for them but we will see how many people will come first!). I like the catamaran idea because you can fish, snorkle, enjoy the boat ride and/or enjoy a lot of rum punch.

                For the other days, our FI and I will problem sign ourselves up for a few other excursions and just invite people to join us if they would like to or they should totally feel free to do their own thing.

                We will probably put this in a packet and put it in their OOT bags. If we decide to take whoever wants to go on a catamaran trip, then we will have people sign up on our website.

                #448 kimmy44

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                  Posted 29 January 2009 - 01:58 PM

                  Hi ladies! Just to let you all know when I was in PDC a few weeks ago my friend and I did the ziplining, repeling, cenote swimming and half day tulum tour (they are all together in a one day tour) and it was perfect. Personally a full day in Tulum for us would have been too hot and long but the beach there is beautiful so if you brought your swimsuit and planned on lounging on the beacht would be ok. Also I think someone had asked about a bus to PDC, I was told that you would have to get out to the highway to take the bus and then it does take into downtown PDC and it costs about 45 pesos, otherwise a cab to PDC is about 170 pesos each way.

                  #449 aug0208

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                    Posted 29 January 2009 - 08:38 PM

                    Originally Posted by Jesdinan
                    Hello everyone! I am having my wedding at DPA on October 29, 2009. It is so reassuring to be in contact with other people having their weddings at the same place! I picked DPA because my past experiences with the Dreams resorts have been positive and I just fill like DPA is a good fit for both my and my FI's tastes and preferences. I will probably be asking a lot of questions in the future but I don't even know what questions to ask at this point! This is all very exciting!

                    Hi there! I just wanted to say welcome to the board!!! I'm happy to hear you have had positive experiences with Dreams in the past....always reassuring!
                    My wedding date is right after yours....November 6th.

                    #450 Elizabeth

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                      Posted 29 January 2009 - 11:40 PM

                      kimmy- can you send me any information you have about that excursion you did? I did repelling in costa rica and had a blast! The tour you did sounds perfect! e_heldt@yahoo.com Thanks!!!

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