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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by badrianne Thanks for the reassurance Meghan. Through everything it's sounds like you really stayed calm and collected. Thanks for the tip on the cocktail hour. My FI tells me to expect that nothing will go right because then if something does I'll be excited.... I'm usually the optimistic one but he has a point. Janna, thanks for the info we will probably end up paying too... cause I dont want to hassle with delivering 44 bags On a happy note, we had our legal day yesterday (Cinco de Mayo) and they let us bring our dogs to the ceremony. 44 bags is a lot...how awesome to have that many guests come!! I only had 20 bags to assemble and get to people and I thought that was many!! I know $2 a bag is a fair amount of $$, but it was one less thing to worry about and manage. I wanted to be on the beach with my fam/friends then inside delivering bags!! Congrats on your legal day!! Janna
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by badrianne So last minute they changed wedding coordinators on me. I have Sandra now. Luckily Ginalyn says she's good so I'm not worried. And actually it turns out that I've communicated more with the concierge then with my wedding coordinator. For example, we wanted a phone number that our guests could call to reach a main wedding person if needed (we didn't want to be the contact person so it's our best man) and the concierge was able to buy us a pay as go phone so we had the number to put on all our welcome packet info. Anyway the reason I'm writing is because I just filled out the wedding questionnaire from Sandra and it mentions that favors delivered to guest's room would be an additional $2 per room. Our traditional favor (maracas) will be given to our guests at the reception but is the OOT bag considered a favor? Was anyone charged for OOT bag delivery? Hi all- I had to pay $2 a oot bag. I should of negotiated with Jacy but at the point, I just wanted them delivered!! Janna
  3. Congrats Meghan!!! Can't wait to read your review. I've thinking about you gals that went to DPA shortly after me. Can't wait to hear all about it! Daniela-sorry to hear about the wedding party drama. We're here if you need us! Janna
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by m&d2011 Hi DPA brides!!! I have a question: I just received the wedding guide from Jacy and I'm soooo confused!!! there's so many choices....do you mind telling me what you chose and what made you choose? I believe we are having about 30-40 guests.... Also, for the reception it says there that we can only pick one appetizer, one soup, one main course? That doesn't make sense Are you doing a welcome/rehearsal dinner? Does anyone have a budget spreadsheet that would be willling to share I'm trying to figure out my budget and i'm so confused! HELP Thanks Real Simple magazine has a wedding PDF budget sheet. Just got to the Real Simple web page. Janna
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by m&d2011 I am going to have my wedding @ DPA on June 18, 2011..I just emailed Jacy about it with my info. Here is the email from Jacy: "We are glad to inform you that the wedding date is available as follow: Wedding Date : June 18th , 2011 Time: 17:00 hrs (An extra $55usd will apply for ceremonies after 5pm)" So, now I'm confused, but I will just go with the 55 since i am not sure which package I want! I agree with Ginalyn- seems like the rules change with every DPA bride. I got married on Feb 27th at 5pm and by 6ish it was getting quite dark. I had the Ultimate Package but did not have to pay extra $$ for my specific time. I wanted a sunset reception and dusk pictures and that time work well for us. Not sure about the timeline of when the sun sets in May but I'd maybe check that out. Just an FYI since I got married later in the day too. Janna
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by badrianne I'm so excited for you Janine! I know your day/vacation will be perfect. Can't wait to hear the details. Janine- you leave on the 15 right? Congrats in advance!!!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by echo2_62 So I just got in from the airport after seeing the first half of our group off for our vacation! I live just a few minutes from the airport so even though it's ridiculously early I didn't mind at all FI and I are heading out tomorrow and we don't have to be at the airport until about 10am so I know that will help my sanity IMMENSELY! LOL! Adrianne - are you just worried about losing a diamond or something from your engagement ring while snorkeling? Or do you have gloves that fit really tight? I can totally understand that you wouldn't want to just leave it in the room safe for sure. What about passing it off to a friend or family member who will be staying at the resort while you're away for the day? That way you know exactly where it is and might not have to worry as much?!?! CONGRATS Megan.....I can't wait to hear all about it!!!
  8. I took my engagement ring and wore it on the wedding day. I had it in the hotel safe the whole time and was totally fine. I wore a ring from Walmart the rest of the 2 weeks. It was mostly Chris's idea to not wear it but he would of been right....I would of been so upset if I lost it!!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by echo2_62 Hey I wasn't at all here yesterday but YAY two weeks for me!! We leave in 9 days I think so this weekend is HUGE for us getting stuff done. I'm down to the point where I'm done most of the packing except our actual clothes and printing off all the paperwork and copies of things *I think* so hopefully this week won't be too stressful! LOL! I can't wait to just GET THERE! I too copied all my paperwork as well as emails from Jacy that I thought might come in handy!! I also put my emails etc on a flash drive to take down with me....just in case. OMG....I was such a stress case looking back!! You will feel so much better (and in control!!) when you get there...its going to be GREAT!!!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Ginalyn Janna try this link for how to post photos http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...ok-here-16832/ Thanks Ginalyn!
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