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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Ginalyn Customs went fine for me. DH and I had 2 large and 1 small suitcase with our clothes, wedding, and OOT bag stuff. We also had our carry on bags. We both got the green light but they asked to look at one of our bags anyway because they saw the starfish platters through the xray. I had brought them for my centerpieces. She asked how much I had paid for them and I told them and said it was for my wedding. Then I mentioned that I had the receipt (I had read on in another thread to save your receipts!) and started reaching for my folder with receipts. But the lady stopped me and told me it wasn't necessary and let us go. I echo this!! We had no problems whatsoever w/ customs either! We actually noticed a handful of other brides (they had their dresses with) too...no one seemed to have any issues!!
  2. Thanks ladies!! Meghan, Yes, the disco is so fun!! We ended up there every night actually. They play good music...all dance music for sure. And they'll take requests. During the day they have sports on (a couple of big screen tvs) and then at night they'll play the video that goes with whatever song is on. So a lot of fun. There are also couches, etc...if you just want to hang out. It's definitely on the small side but there really wasn't that many people in there besides people we were with...maybe 5-15 depending on the night. Let me know if you have any other questions!!!
  3. Hi ladies!! We're back and married!! We arrived at DPA November 1st, we got married on the 6th and then switched resorts for our honeymoon and stayed another week. Let me reassure you that everything will work out perfectly! Jacy is on top of everything. I thought I was organized until she pulled out her binder of with my info and requests!! The only downfall was the weather. It poured on our wedding day. We actually just missed Hurricane Ida. We ended up having the ceremony at El Patio (Mexican restaurant), but we were able to haev photos outside. We also did the cocktail hour outside since the weather cleared up a bit. We had the reception inside and then we went to Desires (disco bar) afterwards. If you have any questions, just let me know!!! Happy Planning!!
  4. Hi! Our wedding is on a Friday. We are flying in the Sunday before....we have guests who start arriving Tuesday, with the last one arriving early Friday morning. For the most part everyone is leaving Sunday...there are three families and one couple who extended, but everyone else leaves Sunday. Let us know if we can help w/ questions!!
  5. Is there a way to make the photos bigger? They are super small and I hit the "fullscreen' button, but they are still super small. Thank you for sharing by the way!!!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by marryinghimagain You are very welcome. I'm glad that I could help put your mind at ease. It will be wonderful for you! I look forward to hearing about it, when you get back. Hope your day is everything you dream! One little note that may help a future DW bride.... I did not bring my beautiful bouquet home b/c I was told you could not bring it back through customs. That is not true! I asked when we were going through customs on the way home. I was told that I could indeed have brought it back home. It "cannot grow nor does it have seeds". He said if I had a problem, all I needed to have done was ask for a supervisor. It is permitted to bring a fresh flower wedding bouquet back into the USA. Good to know-thank you for the insight!
  7. For those of you who have already gotten married at DPA, do they have table number holders (usually they are plain and silver) to use? We are having a horrible time finding these...and if they already have them I'll stop looking. TIA!!!!
  8. marryinghimagain-did you use the videographer that the resort provides? If so how was the quality of the video?? thanks!
  9. Hi Janna! To answer your question a/b the capacity of the gazebo....we'll have 59 guests with 12 standing up for the actual ceremony so about 47 sitting. I just heard back from Jacy that will be close, but we'll all fit. I hope that helps to answer your question a bit!! If anyone has questions or need me to find out info for them while I'm there next week, just let me know!!!!
  10. marryinghimagain-thank you so so so much for your post!! We leave this Sunday and get marriedFriday....11 days from now! your post made me set my mind at ease a bit, so thank you!! i'm glad to hear it was wonderful. =)
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Ginalyn I think they do have options for centerpieces and other decorations listed on their website or the wedding pricing list. It was more cheaper for me to bring my own decorations than to use the resort's so that's why I brought my own. Thank you so much! I'm starting to look into centerpieces I can take with me as well.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Ginalyn I brought chair sashes, table overlays, centerpieces, menus for the reception. I also purchased maracas in Playa del Carmen as favors. Sandra took care of setting everything up for me. Don't be nervous! Everything is going to be amazing. I was totally nervous but once I stepped foot at the resort I went into total vacation mode. The resort is small enough that you will run into your guests left and right. Don't feel bad if you don't get to hang out with everyone...if you do it will just stress you out because you're going to be calculating how much time you spent with so-and-so versus so-and-so and you probably won't enjoy your vacation. Most of the couples that were guests at our wedding wanted to have their own alone time and also give DH and I our alone time. Hi there! Did they have options available already there for centerpieces, chair sashes and overlays and you chose to bring your own or if I don't bring my own am I screwed? Sorry, I emailed Jacy this weekend about this too, but I haven't heard from her yet...that makes sense to a/b spending time with people. I need to keep reminding myself of these things!! =) Thanks again!
  13. Hi girls! I'm down to 32 days so starting to freak out a bit!! For those of you who already got married at DPA, did you take anything for the reception as far as decorations go?! I asked this probably 8 or 9 months ago but since we've had lots of ladies get married since then I thought I would ask again.... Also, any advice? We have 65 people coming and I am starting to get a bit nervous...I feel like all of our family/friends' vacation is in our hands!! I know it's technically not, but I want to make sure everything runs smoothly! I just emailed Jacy a ton of questions!! Hope to hear back from her very soon...thanks for listening!!
  14. bridej9....I absolutely ditto what the past posters have said!! I'm actually leaving in less than a month for our wedding at DPA so I'll have more info then, but overall my experience has been positive...and my fiance and I went to visit the resort when we first got engaged just over a year ago and it's gorgeous!!! We met Jacy and she is super sweet in person. Let us know if you have any questions and best of luck!!!!
  15. Hi ladies!! Sorry, I have been missing for so long....work has taken over my life so I haven't been doing near as much wedding planning!!! Question, for those of you who have already been married at DPA, maybe you can help me. We are thinking of adding either extra photo or video to our day. We're going to go with playaweddings which I actually found here. I've been emailing with them as they are capable of both photo and video. Both are incredibly important, but we can only do one or another. I'm wondering as to the quality of the photos and video that is included in the package already. Are either incredibly lacking in any way? We are having a party back in January and will play our wedding video there, so want to make sure it's of good quality. At the same time, of courde photos are always important!! Any advice anyone has is very much appreciated!!! Thank you!
  16. Has anyone utilized this company for their wedding video? Their pricing is incredibly low...I'm wondering the quality of work? TIA!!!
  17. Monica, Thank you so so so much for this info....every little bit helps!!! I'm glad to hear good things about the DJ. That is my biggest fear at the moment since my fiance and I have so many songs picked out that we want to play. We are big music people, so one thing that's really important to us. All of these reviews are so helpful though!!!!
  18. Quote: Originally Posted by GinalynL Wow aug0208, you have a big group!! As Jacy said, they don't let you do a rehearsal dinner without extra charges...however, we spoke with our WC Sandra when we got onsite and she talked to the head waiter to see if they could do anything. We were able to get our own section of the World Cafe right when the restaurant opened at 6pm (no extra charge). We had 29 people total, including DH and I...and our little corner at the World Cafe worked out fine. Service was a bit slow though. I think that since tourism is down they have a little wiggle room with trying to accomodate you. Dinner at World Cafe is sometimes menu sometimes buffet..it depends on the day. Our "rehearsal dinner" fell on a Wednesday and luckily it was a menu day. Hope that helps! Yes, we are at 57 now...the number keeps growing which we are very happy about...but very surprised at the same time!!! That helps about the rehearsal. I think that we'll have to play it by ear. Thanks for the info!!
  19. Hi ladies, Last week I posted quite a few questions....I emailed Jacy with a bunch of questions as well and wanted to share her responses. She answered some of the questions...some were not answered. If anyone else has insight on the questions that went unanswered I would love to hear them!!I hope this helps! What will the chairs be covered with? The Ultimate package includes white covers for the chairs (please find picture attached) Does this cost extra and if so how much? (We purchased the Ultimate Package). Are these same chairs used at the reception? Yes We are interested in using the DJ. What is the DJ's contact information/website? Please feel free to send us your questions and we will forward them to him. Can I contact the DJ prior to the wedding as there are several songs we would like played and I want to confirm he/she can do this for us. You can send us your list of songs before your arrival so we can forward them to the Dj. Once we received a response we will confirm if he has them all or not. Right now we are scheduled to have a symbolic ceremony. We are planning on changing this to a civil ceremony. Is that still possible? Yes, it is. If so, can I have someone from my bridal party officiate? For a symbolic ceremony you can bring your own minister for a civil ceremony our judge has to perform it. Can we have the credit if so? What decorations are available to use on the tables for the reception where the guests will be seated? The Ultimate package includes white linens, as an extra you can add floral centerpieces, candles, color linens, rose petals. Do I need to bring my own? You can bring your decoration if you want. We have picked a few traditional songs to play during the ceremony. What are our options for music to play during the ceremony? In the Ultimate package, you have the sound system equipment for the ceremony only. We can provide the music or you can bring your own if you want. We have already had 54 people book their travel and hotel for our wedding so we'll have at least that number for our dinner after the wedding. We prefer a seated dinner instead of a buffet. Is this possible? The extra cost is $5usd per person in order to have a plated menu. In the package, there is a makeup application and hair do included. I am having a friend do my hair. Could I have a credit from the hair do to use for a makeup trial instead? Please let me discuss this and I will confirm if it is possible Could I do a makeup trial a few days before the wedding and then on the day of the wedding instead of doing anything hair related? Do I contact the spa to schedule this? Please find our reservation sheet attached. Can I have a videographer for a longer amount of time instead of having the photographer for the Ultimate Package? Also please let me discuss it as our wedding services cannot be exchangeable for other services. What is the length of the day that a videographer could cover instead of having the photographer that the package offers? 2 hrs. I'm planning on using Lydia for my photography that another bride there has used. She paid the day pass for Lydia. Is this the same for me too? If you want to bring your own photographer she has to stay in the resort as a guest for one night. This is a new policy of the resort. Can I send you pictures of flowers if I want something different than what is offered to see if you can do something similar? Yes, please. We are thinking of having a short rehearsal the night before the wedding. Is this possible? Ceremony rehearsals are allowed during morning After the rehearsal can we all sit together for dinner with no extra charge? As our restaurants do not allow reservations an extra charge will apply for a rehearsal dinner. Which restaurant(s) could we do this at?
  20. Thanks so much for the review!! This helps a lot...I'm working on wedding stuff later this week...I'm sure I'll post some questions!
  21. Quote: Originally Posted by AndreaJane2000 here is a link to our photos - https://www.collages.net/consumersit...password=11351 we were married at DPA on June 9th 2009. Stunning and perfect. thanks to jgomez for finding me at the pool and giving me valuable advice! I will post a more detailed review but to sum it up- the reason why our wedding was perfect was because we demanded only the best and did not agree to pay until the next day. - that is key so they will be sure to not forget anything or mess anything up. We had our reception in the gazebo, cocktail reception at the lagoon, dinner at the base of the gazebo and we used the gazebo as our dance floor. We had the dj the entire time and he was perfect - we had him play till 12:30am and the next day everyone was asking about the crazy dance party in the gazebo-lol People from other resorts saw and heard our wedding reception too. The gazebo was beautiful at night! The breeze naturally cools you off if you are dancing lots and the water crashing was just magical! more soon! Andrea :-) Andrea you are so sweet for sharing these pictures!! This helps a lot! Congratulations!! Can't wait for your review. THANK YOU!!!
  22. Quote: Originally Posted by RoryS Regarding the centerpieces, Flowers are supplied for the table during the ceremony (with the Ultimate Package). We had 4 tables; and the centerpieces were $45/piece. They were nice in square glass containers. I think they put the flowers from the gazebo on the table with the cake. Thank you! I think I might just let them take care of the centerpieces then...it's expensive because we'll need quite a few, but might be a lot easier!!
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