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  1. Thanks Rory for your quick review!! Great comments...very helpful Aaronsgirl...ditto to Rory's idea of changing for the reception...are you having any type of reception / celebration when you get back from your wedding? Could the 2nd dress be worn then?
  2. Good Luck RoryS! Congrats to your niece and her soon-to-be hubby!!
  3. Bianca your wedding was BEAUTIFUL!! Congratulations!!!
  4. OMG...Congrats Bianca!! You and your hubby looked so bissfully happy and your wedding was just beautiful... RBB, thanks for dropping by! I am glad that things worked out for you and your new husband! I am sure that your wedding was gorgeous! I am about six weeks away and still alot to do! Does anyone know where I can buy customized plastic mugs with lids (like 22oz.) in a small quantity?? I desperately want to give these to the people coming down to Mexico so that we don't have to bother with the little cups and melted drinks... Thanks! Alli
  5. Best of luck for a wonderful wedding Bianca!! I know that it will be great
  6. Good Luck Bianca! Have a wonderful wedding!! Good Luck AndreaJane!
  7. I am definitely sending positive vibes to all the brides who have had to postpone / move due to the current situation in Mexico...I wish you all a wonderful wedding, regardless of your location Monica--thanks for your insight on this virus...good to know! Since I am over 2 months out, we are still very hopeful that everything will calm down and we can get married at DPA as planned...however a couple of our guests who are over 60 are looking to possibly cancel anyway, so we will see. Best of Luck to everyone!!
  8. RBB, So sorry to hear that you may have to change plans! I sincerely hope that you and your FH reach a decision that will allow you to have a relaxing and beautiful wedding day...despite the location. Good Luck!!
  9. Hi everyone...sorry that I have been MIA! Quick question, I know that a couple of you said that you were bringing your own speakers down rather than renting the resort audio system (RBB, I think you were one?). If you are doing this, what kind of speakers are your bringing? Like an iHome dock, or something different?? Just curious...trying to decide whether to rent or bring... Thanks!!
  10. Thanks for posting that link RoryS! I always want to see more photos of the resort...
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by jlizabethm Hi my name is Jamie and I will be married at Dreams Puerto Aventuras on September 18, 2009. I'm really excited and Jacy has been pretty great to work with, via email. I loved reading everyone's posts. My wedding color is Tiffany Blue and off-white. I look forward to sharing information with everyone when I get some time. Jacy's provided me with a lot of answers! Welcome Jamie and Congrats! Are you in Iowa? I am in the Cedar Falls area... Good Luck with your planning!!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by aug0208 What are you ladies doing about shoes for the ceremony? I foundmy dress last weekend---YAY!!! And it just hits the floor so I definitely can't do heels. I am in between barefoot, a flat flip flop or ballet slipper of some type... My girls' dresses are fairly casual--j.crew--very light--so we're going to start looking for them too but I am thinking maybe a dressier flip flop in silver? HI aug0208---my girls are doing casual J.Crew dresses also and my dress is J.Crew...We will all likely wear either leather flip flops from J.Crew (they have several in metallic), or I may wear a pair of their sandals that I have an ankle strap...sort of like a gladiator, but not too strappy.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Bianca I am just under my 2 month mark and I am really freaking out... I am starting a full time job on Monday (at the moment I only work like 15-20 hours a week ) and I just have no idea what I should be doing... AHHHHH! Its getting scary. I understand you are stressed...I am getting a little anxious too, even tho my wedding is just under 4 months away. Bianca, it seems like you have so much taken care of though...way more organized than I am! What do you think you don't have covered / should be doing??