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Dreams Puerto Aventuras Brides - POST HERE!

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#131 AlliMay

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    Posted 03 November 2008 - 12:44 PM

    Thanks, RBB!

    Has anyone seen any photos online of the resort (construction, etc.) I am so curious as to what the resort will really look like---aside from the same photos that have been on the Dreams site since this summer.

    #132 RoryS

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      Posted 03 November 2008 - 03:26 PM

      There were some pictures posted by Morgan a couple months ago. She was married at Catalonia, which is next door.
      Also, Baltobabe on Trip Advisor just returned from a site visit at the new Dreams PA. She said she wasn't allowed to take photos because it wasn't finished, but did make some very nice comments about it on Trip Advisor.

      #133 AlliMay

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        Posted 03 November 2008 - 05:58 PM

        Thanks, Rory!! I'll have to keep my eye on Trip Advisor for other posts...

        #134 kimmaranto

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          Posted 04 November 2008 - 11:11 AM

          Welcome AlliMay! My wedding date is July 17, 2009 at Dreams. We'll be down there the same time!!!! I'm just wondering have you picked your wedding package yet? I am having a hard time getting a response from Jacy. I know they must be very busy, but I've written to her a couple of weeks ago and have not heard from her. I wanted to know if we could have a poolside reception or if there is a restaurant with a terrace overlooking the water. It is very hard to plan a wedding without knowing what anything is going to look like. We are also checking out other options for the wedding reception such as maybe having it at a restaurant in Playa Del Carmen, but I think they are going to be too expensive. Oh well I'm so excited for you. And really excited that we'll get to see you the same week we're getting married!! We are arriving July 12 and staying till July 19, 2009.
          Talk to you soon. Email me if you would like my phone number and we can talk. I'm still not good with getting around in this forum!!! Lol

          Talk to you soon.
          Here is my email:

          #135 AlliMay

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            Posted 04 November 2008 - 02:12 PM

            Hi Kim!! Looks like we will be down there the same time...How fun! We are there from the 11th-18th. I'll email you, so you have my addy, too. How many people do you think will be joining you We are thinking around 25-ish.

            For right now, I went with the free (Wedding in Paradise) package, because I am just now sure about the Silver or Gold dinners...I was told that I could upgrade later, and obviously add some of the extra features)My travel agent has been the one to communicate with Jacy for me (I am copied on the emails), so maybe that has been why I have gotten responses...not sure.

            Like you, I want to be near the water for our reception...I've pulled up quite a few photos from when the resort was a Sunscape and also looked at the resort map on the Dreams website and it looks like three of the restaurants (Italian, Seafood, and El Patio-Mexican) are all on the beach. It also stated in the e-packet that El Patio could be rented out if the hotel occupancy was at 60% or below, for a fee of $750...I would be very interested in doing this, I think. Anyone else who knows more about this, PLEASE chime in...

            I agree that the options in PDC would be rather expensive...I am hoping to work something out with one of the on-site restaurants, other than the buffet.

            #136 kimmaranto

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              Posted 05 November 2008 - 11:26 AM

              Hi Alli,

              I was looking through my info last night and in what I have they said if you rent out the restaurant you also have a $18.00 set up fee per person. I don't have anything saying the hotel has to be below 60% occupied. You are so lucky that your travel agent is corresponding with Jacy. Mine hasn't done anything except book the rooms. Also are you thinking about a DJ? And how about a photographer?

              Well have a great day and I will talk to you later.


              #137 ~*~Margie~*~

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                Posted 05 November 2008 - 12:13 PM

                AlliMay and Kim - just wondering what type of document you obtained from the resort that contains this information. I asked for a "wedding brochure" because I know DT has one for their brides and I received nothing. The only thing sent to me was a wedding checklist which I cannot even open because it is a zip file and when I asked for a new one in a new format I received no reply. If you wouldn't mind, could you send me whatever you have? (email addy is twinkle320@aol.com) I just want to start making some decisions and the more info I have the better. Thanks ladies!!!

                #138 AlliMay

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                  Posted 05 November 2008 - 01:27 PM

                  Hello again gals,

                  I have attempted to attach the wedding guide that I received to this post. PLEASE let me know if you can open, otherwise I am happt to email it to anyone that wishes.

                  Towards the end (Reception options--p.14) is where they talk about the renting out El Patio. Based on the file name, it looks like this version of the guide was generated in mid-September, but I received it mid-October.

                  As far as photographer, I think that I am just going to go through the resort and use their photographer...it seems like the least hassle and I am all about stress-free. We splurged on really nice engagement pics and I also have a couple amateur photographers in our friends / family group. I am hoping to work out a lower price than the stated $440, because all I really want is the digital CD with the images and the rights and will get my own prints (great site to order prof. quality prints --Mpix.com---I highly recommend).

                  I think that we are going to rent the audio equipment and have a loaded Ipod for both the ceremony and reception. I read in one of the Dreams Tulum threads that a bride rented this equipment and used for both...I am hoping to do the same. We are kind of particular about music, and I would rather pay $150 for the whole time to have what we want exactly---I am also a budget bride in case you can't tell

                  Please let me know if you all have any questions or comments...I would love to hear everyone else's plans!!



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                  #139 Bianca

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                    Posted 05 November 2008 - 01:40 PM

                    Thanks AlliMay... I just dl'ed it fine and I'm sure you will see your points going up!

                    EWWW!!! How are they going to use a scripted font for ALL the text!!! What are they thinking! pet peeve of mine.
                    19 adults/3 children with flights booked! 10 rooms booked!


                    #140 AlliMay

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                      Posted 05 November 2008 - 02:14 PM

                      I agree!! I said the same thing to FH when I printed it out...It makes it so much harder to read!!

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