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  1. YAY it posted will get back to you girls tonight!!!
  2. I hope this goes through!! I wrote an in depth wedding review when I got home and it did not post!!! So let me see if this posts and I will write another tonight when I get home from work. In short, the wedding and week was absolutely fantastic!! Sandra was our wedding coordinator, we couldn't have asked for anything better!!
  3. Bianca, I am so happy for you and your new Hubby!! Everything looked truly amazing and you are a beautiful bride. Can't wait to hear all the details and thank you so much for your updates while honeymooning no doubt!!! Reluctant, Congratulations to you and your Hubby!! Can't wait to see your pics! Sounds like an awesome place to be married. Hope you guys had a great time and I am so glad everything worked out for you both. I know it must have been so stressful for you. Please post review and pics soon. Thank you. Hey maybe we could all meet you at DPA for our anniversaries next year and watch you do your renewal!!! Sounds like a plan to me!!! Stay in touch , Kim
  4. Bianca, Have a great time and I'm sure your wedding day will be beautiful and perfect!!! Thank you for all the hard work you've put into this thread, you have helped so many people.
  5. Dear Reluctant, I have been on this thread and have watched you plan this wedding from the beginning. I just feel horrible for you and all the other brides out there that are in the same situation. Your son is your number one priority. Good luck with all the new decisions that face you and keep us posted on the new changes. I know whatever happens you will have a beautiful wedding and everything will work out for the best. You and all the other brides in this situation are in my thoughts and in my prayers.
  6. I truly feel so bad for you and I am sorry that you are going through this. But you still have 10 percent of your guests coming right? Just remember it's all about you and your husband to be. You will have a beautiful wedding and everything will turn out. Good luck.
  7. Just wondering if anyone has heard about the drug wars going on in Mexico? I heard that they are telling Springbreakers not to travel to Mexico, particularly Cancun and surrounding areas. Then I heard it's the California side of Mexico close to the borders is where they are having problems? Any comments? Just another thing to be concerned about...I hope not!!
  8. Rory, it's so hard to tell if that would be enough tulle. The top pole is pretty wide. Are you ordering the tulle on line? I was thinking maybe you could print the picture and take it to a JoAnn Fabrics or Michael's and they could help you fugure it out. Have you priced it yet?
  9. You're right, i'm not too happy either. The chairs aren't even decorated and I counted less than twenty chairs, so I would've thought they could've at least put chair covers on them. I wonder if they just had the free wedding package and that's what they get. I don't know about that banquet room either! I'm am more confused than ever!!!
  10. Hi AlliMay, Since you are having your cocktail hour at the gazebo, what are you doing for the reception dinner and dancing? Are you picking a wedding package? If you are which one? I am still so confused. We are really running into money problems with this crazy economy and this wedding is becoming very stressful for my future hubby and I! I just don't know which is the best way to go as far as the reception. Would love to hear ideas!!!
  11. Allimay, It is so funny that you mentioned this. I was just on Trip Advisor and read the same review and flipped out!!! I called a friend of mine who does alot of travelling and asked if ever uses Trip Advisor. He said he's been on websites such as this, but does not pay any attention to them. He has been to Mexico and Riviera Maya several times and said the resorts there are all beautiful. He said Dreams have a great reputation and not to worry. You are going down with a group of people you love and you will have a great time no matter where you stay!!! I felt so much better after talking with him. My advice-stay off of Trip Advisor, it will drive you crazy!!! That's what i'm doing. Hope this helps. Kim
  12. I think that dress is perfect!!! And it looks comfortable too. Go for it!!!
  13. I read somewhere in all my papers that the wedding needs to be paid 2 days prior to the wedding date, which sounds like no deposit is required. Did anyone else read this?
  14. That is such great news!!!! Please let us know where you think the best spot is to hold a recption. I'm trying to have a poolside reception but have not heard back yet from Jacy. Can't wait to see pics and also to see how the food is. Thanks so much and have a great time. Wish you could haul my OOT bags down!! Lol-Just kidding!! Seriously, I'm going to have 8 suitcases. You know gotta have room for my shoes!!
  15. Gosh Melissa the detail and planning you did was unbelievable!!! How many months did it take you to get all this together? I guess I better get started!!! Lol Also your dress is beautiful. Where did you get your OOT bags? Thank you for posting all your ideas. Kim