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Diva Cup / Instead Cup - tampon / pad alternative

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Originally Posted by Jenn View Post
I think I may order one as well... I spent a good half hour looking at it after the green thread, and now I think I may just go for it. I'm still worried that ordering based on my age - over 30 - may not be the right size, but c'est la vie. Calia (I think that's who posted it) are you sure they are exchangeable?
I just searched their site and the forum I belong to of Diva users...and if there is something wrong with it they will exchange and alot of the users said they called and said they had the wrong size and they exchanged it. However, I can't find it on their site. So I'm gonna call and ask real fast.

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Ok I just called and left a message and emailed them. But if I remember right they will exchange with no problem. But I'll post as soon as I get an answer and I'm gonna post in my other forum and see what they say.



The DC has a moneyback guarantee so if you don't like it get your money back too. Plus the size is like 1/8'' smaller. So I think you'll be fine. It's not a big difference.

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Ok, so I got a response back from Diva Cup. However, I do know people who have personally returned theirs. So it's wierd how they responded. I would just go with the measurement they give and you'll be fine. Heres the response:

Dear Calia:


We cannot refund because of disappointment with the product. It is

impossible for us to determine if a woman has really tried to master the

use or has simply changed her mind.


The DivaCup, as all menstrual cups and tampons, are considered medical

devices and are regulated by the FDA and Health Canada. We also must

adhere to local health regulations.


The amount of energy expended on returns has taken us way from our

ultimate goal: to offer The DivaCup to women worldwide, and thereby have a

positive effect on womenâ€s lives, as well as reduce the disposable

feminine hygiene eco-footprint on the planet. Use of The DivaCup lessens

the billions of tampons and pads being dumped into the environment.


The good news is that with patience and careful attention most women learn

the knack of using The DivaCup quickly, and they want to keep it! We offer

continued assistance on how to use the cup should one need more



Your friend will want to check with her vendor to learn of their return

policy before purchasing. Please take note of the sizing information



Model 1: for women who are under 30 years old who have never had

childbirth or c-section.


Model 2: for women who are 30 years old and over and/or for all women who

have had vaginal childbirth or c-section.



There is a small difference between the two sizes (Model 1 is 1/8" (~0.3

cm) smaller), but it is important to use the recommended sizing to prevent



Warm regards,

The DivaCup Team

Home - DivaCupâ„¢

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i went for a walk with two friends last night & mentioned the diva cup. one of the friends had just bought one about 2 months ago & loves it.


She said they had a pinning ceremony (using the little diva pin) for all the girls that got one. I thought that was hilarious!!


I use the tampons with plastic applicators. I can't beleive it never occured to me how wasteful that is. If diva cup doesn't work, i'll atleast switch to the applicator free.


my friend is really active & runs a lot and it's worked great for her.

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