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For Those Shipping Items Beforehand...(jamaica)

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1. On average how much to you pay for shipping


2. Do you have any idea how much dut (approximate) you had to pay once your items arrived in Jamaica?


3. How far in advance did you ship your items?


4. Did your items arrive on time?




TY :)

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I'm actually toying with the idea. From what I understand you'd probably need a good custom broker/officer down there to ship your item to and to hold it. I.e. instead of shipping it to the resort, you'd ship it to the custom's company and have them hold it and then deliver it to the hotel when you arrive. Just make sure you arrive with plenty of time to spare. I also understand that it's not too pricey if you ship it via 'barrel' and if you declare it as personal effects. Chances are with customs, and duty, it might come up to around $250, and that includes shipping materials, cost, customs, duty, delivery, custom broker fees, insurance etc.

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Be sure your resort will allow and accept shipments. Not all of them do.


You might want to look into checking extra bags. It will probably be cheaper and the bags will be empty when you return (unless you bring your stuff back or buy a bunch of stuff)


If you arrive at the airport early ask to be upgraded to first class. We did this and it was the best decision we ever made and much cheaper than booking a first class ticket to begin with.


Those baggage limits have not changed with most airlines so you are allowed 3 pieces of luggage each - 2 at 70 pounds and 1 at 50 pounds. In addition to the free bags you get bigger seats, free drinks and food, and priority status, so your bags are the first off the plane!

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We looked into shipping things to Jamaica before our wedding, and the shipping rates were insane - think $160 for a 10lb box! USPS was more reasonable, but who knows if your stuff would make it. We ended up going first class and carried everything with us.

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