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  1. Hey there! Would anyone be able to forward me pricing information for 2014 weddings? Thanks in advance :-) divadivine25@gmail.com
  2. Hi there! Can anyone point me in the direction of a current wedding price list for the Iberostar Rose Hall Suites and Beach? Thanks!
  3. Love, love, loved Stacey!!!! She did an amazing job on my wedding pictures, all 700 or so of them. What else is there to say?
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by valentinbride Absolutely lovely! Your braids are so pretty! How did they hold up after the wedding? Was it a hassle to maintain after swimming? Thank you! Before we left for Jamaica my stylist curled my braids so I didnt get in any water before the wedding which made it easier for the stylist the day of the wedding. After the ceremony we did a trash the dress session and my hair held up perfectly.In the days after the wedding I swam and didnt have any issues with the braids at all.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Loveisintheair Beautiful. I got some great ides from the teasers. Thanks for sharing. Glad I could help! Thank you all for all of the compliments!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Sheree10 Right now I'm leaning towards getting invisible braids or a weave and have it styled on the island. I'm really picky when it comes to my hair and don't want to have to worry too much about someone not styling my hair the way I like it. Divadivine I love how your hair turned out. I just need to find a good hair braider or weaver. Thank you Sheree! Thats exactly what I did. I had my hair braided a few days before we left and was even able to do a hair trial before we left with my regular stylist and had pics to show the ladies at the spa at the Riu.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by big3n09 I had a bad experience with them years ago and since then I vowed to never get them again. It could have been the person who did them or something I did taking them out but my edges came out and it just turned me off from them years ago so that's my issue with micro's. I do agree they are a good option and sometimes people can't even tell you have braids. Now post wedding, I plan to have one of my friends or somebody throw some cornrows in my hair and be done with it for the honeymoon. That is true, micro braids can cause breakage if they are done too tight especially around the edges. Ive worn micros, cornrows, kinky twists, invisibles braids, pretty much all braid styles while I was transitioning to natural hair and never had any problems. Keep in mind that any time you wear a protective style such as braids or an install (sew in), your hair will shed naturally as it would daily without the style. Invisible braids are different than micros, and thats what worked for me on my wedding day, heres a few pics of my hair:
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by march132010 I'm am wearing micro's because I will be on a 5 day after honeymoon & do not want to do Hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good reasoning :.) I did the same thing (invisible braids) and didnt have any problems, no one could even tell that I was wearing braids for the most part and it was so easy to maintain post wedding.
  9. We used silks for all of the bridal party and were very pleased with the results. I knew exactly how I wanted the flowers to turn out so I decided to have silks done and take them down with us. Everything was packed in a suitcase along with a few other items for out OOT boxes and they turned out perfectly. Here are a few pics of my bouquet...
  10. We used Stacey and loved her! http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t47145
  11. Thanks ladies, Stacey was wonderful to work with!
  12. Bump, bump! Any Stacey brides here now? Trying to get feedback on how long you waited for your pics post wedding....
  13. Thank you so much for all of the wonderful compliments. Having our wedding on the island was one of the best things that we could have done :.) Our day was perfect and I cant wait for the rest of the pics!
  14. We were married at ROR and then moved over to Sandals Dunns River....big disappointment, but it really depends on what YOU want. ROR was much larger and exciting in comparison and although the service was more catered at SDR, we found the resort to be very boring. The few days that we spent there we spent out and about the island. Now if thats what you want...just laying around and not doing much, then its perfect, it just wasnt perfect for us.
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by purrfected Diva, you looked beautiful! I love the bright summer colors. I am glad that you had a great wedding day! Did you wear your flip flops to the reception or did you change into heals? I haven't decided if I am going to stick with the flip flops or change... Thanks for sharing your day with us. Thanks to everyone for the compliments, we had an amazing wedding week! Purrfected, because our suite was at the other end of where the ceremony was to be held, I wore the flip flops and changed into my heels before walking down the aisle. Somehow, my shoes disappeared with my sister while we were doing the TTD shoot so the flip flops were featured instead :.) But yes, I did wear those flip flops to the reception that evening since I planned to enjoy myself. Heres a non pro pic of the reception attire:
  16. Quote: Originally Posted by Prettyhazardous Love your pics. I hope my fiance can pic me up like that, bc that's the cutest pic. Did your bm's have flowers? Thats something I've been been going back and forth ab. My girls are gonna carry parasols, so i was thinking no to flowers. But I liked how your girls carried fans... Thx! Thats one of my faves as well :.) My bm's did have bouquets that were smaller versions of mine...I hadn't even noticed the fans, lol! We had those for our guests and since it was so hot, the girls had them in the gazebo as well...I think!
  17. Quote: Originally Posted by The Mandy in Chandy OMG I want your bouquet!!! That is EXACTLY what i have been trying to find! Everything is beautiful! Congrats! Thx! My bouquet came from Hibiscous Florals and was similar to this one: Orange & Pink Orchids Tropical Wedding Bouquet We did purchase an entire package from them as well and they were one of my best vendors, I give them an A+!
  18. Finally a few pics from our phoyographer, Stacey Clarke :.) http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t47145
  19. Hello ladies! DH and I were married at the ROR June 5th and although I didnt post a review, I have to say that we had an amazing time there! Everything was perfect for us! We used photographer Stacey Clarke and were pleased with the results, check out a few of the teasers: And a few more :.)
  20. Veils can also be purchased very reasonably from www.eventsandoccasions.com HTH!
  21. I was married there in June and the women at Renova were very experienced and had great products, but if you feel more comfortable having your tried and true products, I would say to bring them. HTH!
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