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  1. I say purchase silks/natural touch...I just got back from ROR (it was so FAB!)and received the free bouquet (which was used as my toss) but I say hands down the natural touch flowers are great. They look real and you can keep them.
  2. I am packing now, and had planned on packing my candles (~25 of them)from Bed Bath and Beyond in my carry on luggage, is this permissable. I wanted to carry them on to prevent them from breaking or melting. I am flying American Airlines from Tampa. I know different TSA reps deny different things, but I was wondering what was the best method for transporting the scented candles I was planning on putting in my OOT bags...Thanks for your help in advance.
  3. Congrats! You are leaving soon. Hopefully I will get a chance to visit with you. I hope all goes well with the wedding and that you all have a wonderful time. I haven't packed yet, I am still unpacking from the move....
  4. I think I am going to take my own products. I know what works good in my hair....Will I have to bring my own rollers? Or do they have those. When I asked Paula, she swore they did roller sets under the dryer, but from what I've heard here is that is not really the case.....I really need to find some pictures of styles I like. I feel so slack, I haven't even confirmed flowers... :-/
  5. I'm stuck on Flowers as well. I would like to make them myself, but I am in no way crafty, so I am not sure what I am going to do.....
  6. Great Review, everything looks fabulous. Glad you had a great time.
  7. You did an awesome job...with everything. Your flowers from Michaels look great.
  8. Thanks for the info, I was wondering if I should bring my own products....I think they use Redken, which I've never used. Unfortunately, I don't know how to roller set my hair...my hair doesnt hold curls well at all, so a roller set would have worked best for me...
  9. Thanks, I am still a little worried, the water and humidity usually equals havock and i can't have that on my wedding day...
  10. Has anyone gotten their hair done at Renova Spa. I am wanting to get a roller set but I am not sure if they do those....If so, what kind of products do they use...Did your hair hold up in the humidity?
  11. Did you have to reserve the videographer, was his rate $350.00?
  12. Glad that everything turned out fine....Congrats on your marriage!
  13. Awesome review...I am getting nervous since my wedding is coming up but this just reassures that I made a good choice....Thanks and congrats!
  14. So....I dropped the ball on my flowers. I didn't contact Tia or any other vendor and my wedding is in 22 days...I can get flowers from Hibiscus for a fee of course, but really don't want to spend $900 on them. So I went to Michael's with a picture of the bouquet I liked...they will make it for a fraction of the price. Has anyone ever used them? I don't get my bouquet until next Thursday, two days before I am set to move...Needless to say I am a little stressed. If you have used Michael's I would love to see pics. Thanks.
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