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    LF: Clear Luggage Tags

    I have 12 that I can give to you for free...they are the same ones that Itsfinallyhere is talking about. I can't return them because I already opened the package. Just let me know if you would like them and I will mail them to you.
  2. Well i have less than a week to go and it's hard to believe. I can't believe that time went by so fast. I'm almost ready, my future hubby and i packed this weekend so we have just minor things to pack. I want to say thank you to everyone in the forum that I got information from. I will make sure that I post a review when I get back and uploade a lot of pictures. Thanks again!!! When I come back I'll be a Mrs.
  3. Jamaica721

    When to arrive?

    For Jamaica you have to be there 48 hours prior to your wedding day if you're having a legal ceremony.
  4. I wish I would have seen this thread earlier...I would have purchased them from you.
  5. Congratulations...Great Review.
  6. Jamaica721

    Our ROR Wedding was great!

    Congratulations...thanks for the info...
  7. Jamaica721

    ROR Menus (Word attachments)

    Thanks for the info...
  8. Great review...Congratulations.
  9. Jamaica721

    Our ROR Wedding was great!

    Thanks for the info...I can't wait
  10. Great Review...Now that I'm only 2 weeks away from my big day I'm getting really excited and after reading your review I felt like I've been pushed beyond excitement. Thanks again for the review and I can't wait for the pics.
  11. Thanks...I will probably use this site...
  12. Jamaica721

    ROR wedding review...finally

    Great review. I can't wait for my day and I can't wait to see your pics. CONGRATS!!!
  13. Jamaica721

    After Wedding Sale

    I'll take the lanterns you can contact me at monica.barnette@gmail.com so that we can figure out payment. Do you have 30 beach mats available and how much will it be for shipping?