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Mail service lost my wedding dress!


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Okay, I'm already married (thank goodness) and I was just selling my dress to somebody else, at least I was done with it, but still, they lost my dress! I had paid for insurance and tracking, and the tracking said it was successfully delivered but the woman says she never received it. Luckily it sounds like they will pay out the insurance anyways (even though they claim it was delivered). This was with Canada Post. I should have splurged for the express post service which requires a signature for delivery confirmation.


So I'm kicking myself in the ass for not insuring it for more (I was selling it for half price, and insured it for just a bit less) because if I had I could be making back every penny I paid for the dress. Okay, I know that sounds like taking advantage of the situation. But seriously, I almost bought an extra couple hundred dollars of insurance (it only costs 1$ for each 100$ of insurance!) but I figured even if it was lost I would have to fight with them to pay me that amount because the dress was used (i.e. I thought they might argue teh dress had little or no monetary value because it was used). But it turns out it's just a simple thing where they pay out whatever amount of insurance you bought, with proof of original purchase price.


Secondly, I feel so bad for the woman who was so excited about the dress. At least she has tons of time to buy a replacement. She was actually hesitant about buying mine becuase she said she hadn't started shopping in stores yet.


Third, it makes me sad to think of my dress lost somewhere, in the garbage, or stolen. People thought it was strange I was selling it, but I really didn't want to store it for nothing (I never would have worn my mother's wedding dress so why hold out hopes that my future daughter would want to wear mine in 25 years?) and I wanted to make some money. And it made me happy to think of somebody else enjoying it. It makes me so sad though to think of it lost or in the garbage sad.gif


anyways, just wanted to vent.


Oh yeah, and I was so excited because it sold in just THREE DAYS! In fact I had a back up buyer who really really wanted it if the original buyer fell through.

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Originally Posted by Alyssa View Post
Wow that sucks! but at least there are some positives :)

i am planning on selling my dress too - what site did you use - you obviously had a great resposne!
I used weddingbells which is a Canadian site, you'd probably have better luck here.
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Not to be a pessimist ... but have you considered that perhaps the dress WAS delivered? Not everyone has scruples. Are you using the insurance money to refund her cost? Hopefully, of course, it was an honest mishap by the Postal Service -- I know it can happen.


Anyway, so glad it was AFTER your wedding! :-)

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