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Those GREAT OOT bags everyone got!

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AGH!!! So I am having a challange here. Some "extra" people that I was not expecting to attend the wedding are coming and am finding that I am short about 6/7 of those wonderful OOT straw bags that we all got from Target a month and a half ago.


I gobbled up as many as I could find in my area, and happened to be a dead on amount... but now I need more and they are all out at the stores!


I am praying to God that some of you girls who purchased them bought some extra's and would be willing to sell some to me?! Please PM me if you can help. I hate having loose ends up in the air! And I am so anal that if I have to buy a few "odd" or different bags it will just irk me to death.... thanks!pinkie.gif

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Originally Posted by RORJamaica Bride 050809 View Post
I am pretty sure I may have extra, but I wouldn't know the exact amount until closer to your wedding date.
OOO yeah- you are getting married after me.. so hard to judge at the time and I didn't want to miss out on the bags. Hopefully I can find some more from girls with closer dates who really know how many they have remaining.
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I got a few PM's and THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE OFFERED TO HELP! I can sleep at night knowing that my guests will love these bags and they will all match, :)

And on that note, even though I have been offered a few more than I need, I will be able to help another DBW member who PM'd me with the same problem. I love sharing. Sharing is for wonderful brides like us! Thanks! I am so excited to not stress over such a small thing! You girls are great! I gotta figure out how to give karma / gifts.

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