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My gift idea - for everyone or just select few - what do you think?

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So I was walking past this art gallery a few months ago, and saw in the window were these cute beer glasses with Red Stripe labels. I went in and found out that they are hand blown by a local Philadelphia artist. I thought these would be a great gift or favor for our DW since we are both born and raised in Philly and are having our wedding in Jamaica.


Anyway, my question is who should get the glasses?


We only have 2 groomsmen (his 2 brothers), so my thought is to give them out to the other guys that we are close to that come to the wedding (his brothers, his close friends, my brother in law, my cousin, etc), but then I'm thinking, if we give them out at the welcome party (well not really give them out, because we don't want to lug the glasses there), but at least "present" our gift at the welcome party, won't it be kind of mean to give out like 10 glasses when there's only like 30 other men there? Or do you think that maybe we should just give them to all the men who come to Jamaica? (the glasses are $10/each).


UGGGHHH!! I don't know what to do... Thoughts, please. Thanks!!! Toni

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Will you find something similar for the girls that are going? As Tami said, $10 each isn't bad until you have 60 guests! And, you have to figure out how to get all of them down to Jamaica...


But, I love the idea and would love to have a set for my house! LOL!

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