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Matt Adcock

del Sol underwater trash the dress movie

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Wow! What a nice clear video you guys shot (and it looked like everyone had fun shooting it too). Many thanks for sharing this with us. :)


While it probably won't compare with the professional grade quality cameras you guys and gals are using, I did purchase a few months back the Olympus Stylus 1030 SW for $399 which is a recent incarnation of the 8 megapixel Olympus Stylus 770SW that has been around a while. The Olympus Stylus 1030 SW that I purchased claims to be able to go up to 33 feet underwater *WITHOUT* an underwater housing although there is an optional underwater housing one can purchase for this model digital camera should one want to go deeper. This 10 megapixel camera's other claim to fame is that it can be safely dropped from six feet and frozen without it suffering any harm (not to mention getting it dirty and messy). I have yet to test out these features but hope to very soon (maybe even at our TTD session). If you wish, though, to see what kind of shots this camera takes in the hands of a rank amateur (such as myself) please see my regular NON-WEDDING/TTD Flickr photostream at:


sgroi's photosets on Flickr


My only complaint about this camera is that some of the regular dry pictures that it takes seem a tad bit noisy but again one does not buy this camera to take great dry photos; one purchases this camera to take pictures in places where a regular point and shoot simply can't safely go. :-)


- Chester

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I think that the newer Canon Powershot cameras from 8-12 mega pixels and containing an IS or Image Stabilization option for the built in lens is important.



Most any of these housings allow for additional fun with imagery and when on vacation, the smaller housings or self contained camera/housing hybrids are an excellent way to play :)


Thanks for the nice comments, we want to do another cenote session very soon!



Our mission statement with the Trash the Dress sessions:


The positive feedback within the online bridal world and also the perpetual promotion of the concept / phenomenon of Trash the Dress must live on. Thanks to every bride who openly supports the bridal session that is way way more fun. We literally live life vicariously through our brides and love life doing it :)


Cheers & smile on your way to buy your new underwater housing :)



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Cool! I bought an underwater housing for my p&s camera MANY years ago....like back when they cost $350 for just the housing (for a p&s!). LOL It's interesting to see how much they've come down in price....such is the life of electronics, eh? But, I'm totally diggin the pro housing -- nice!!

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