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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by KirstenRN6 As promised, here is my review for my December 2008 wedding at EDR. Overall, we had a great time, minus a few mishaps. I’ll do my best at breaking down the details for all of you. Of course, feel free to ask me any questions. Wedding coordinators: Since March I have been dealing with Valeria via email planning our wedding. I have to say that she was awesome. Her response to my emails were quick and very detailed. I felt very comfortable working with her. Towards the end I felt we were a little rushed with getting all of our final payments in. I actually had to remind her at one point that we were already 30 days pre-wedding day and our final payments weren’t done yet. I felt a little nervous sending such a large sum of money via fax, but Valeria wrote to confirm that she had received my payment as soon as it arrived. The onsite wedding coordinators were awesome as well. We had Marisol for our coordinator. We met with her the day after we arrived. We went over all the final details. Everything was just like Valeria and I had planned. Of course they will try to sell you a few extras while you are there. We were suckered into a few things…..ha! They also scheduled a time to have my dress and David’s suit pressed at this time. This was one bump in the road that was kind of irritating. They scheduled to pick up my dress the day of the wedding at 10 AM and return it by 1 PM. It was perfect timing because I would be at the spa during that time getting my hair and nails done. Well they didn’t pick up my dress until 10:45 and didn’t return it until 2:15. It completely messed up our time to be ready for pictures at 2PM with our photographer. So I highly recommend getting you dress and grooms suit pressed the day before the wedding to prevent this hassle. Photography/Videography:David and I were so blessed to have won a contest here on BDW from an amazing photographer named Kristi Klemens of KLK photography from Newport Beach, CA. Her fiancé Paul Bennet, has his own Videography business (Blue Sky Videos). Both of them joined us at EDR for 3 days to capture our wedding day and then do a TTD session the next day. We had so much fun with them! Kristi and Paul are young and so fun……….we hit it off from the start! I know we will have a lasting friendship with them. Not to mention that their work is AMAZING! You would never know that the two of them have only been doing this for around 4 years! They are definitely blessed with the amazing skill of capturing a moment! Here’s a link to her blog with a few “teaser†pictures from our wedding and TTD: The Gift Wedding:Our wedding was held at the Presidential gazebo. Our wedding was at 4 PM. I loved this gazebo location simply because we had such a small amount of guests with us (13, including David and I). It has a lot of lush greenery around it too, which was nice. Gazebo 55 is just to the right. I like that one too, but it is definitely more fitting for larger weddings. The sound system they used is really good, the music was so pretty!! Our minister was Aleena. She is one of EDR’s English speaking ministers. She is so articulate. She spoke everything from memorization, never once looking at a paper. My guests thought that was amazing. I truly felt she was speaking from her heart to David and I. We also did a sand ceremony, and used the sand ceremony picture frame. We even “borrowed†a little sand from where we both stood. The frame made it home in one piece! The ceremony was about 30 minutes total. Our reception was a Tucanes. I loved this location! It’s not next to the water, but honestly, you probably don’t want to be. It can be SO windy by the ocean! They decorated the table so pretty…..just how I wanted it! The wait staff was great too. We did the family style dinner, which was perfect for our little group. It was fun to pass all the trays of food around to everyone. We also used the sound system with Ipod station for this event. Again, very good quality. For the cake, we just got the small heart shaped cake. We really only did this just to have one and to keep tradition. The cake tasted okay, nothing special. Spa: I did get my hair done the day of the wedding. I brought a picture for them to go by. They did a good job. My “doo†definitely wasn’t going anywhere. I also got my nails retouched. I got a really good manicure and pedicure before I left, so I decided to just have them do a French nail polish on nails. I also got a massage later in the week with my maid of honor. They do a good job, but of course everything is WAY overpriced. EDR: EDR is definitely a beautiful resort. The grounds are very well kept. Beautiful flowers everywhere. We stayed in a Casita (3031). The 30 block is further away from everything, but it’s newer, so that’s why we wanted that particular block. They definitely pamper you in the Casitas. The concierges are nice, but they seem to call you a little too much, always wanting to know if everything is okay. The food at EDR is pretty good. But I have to say that I am definitely not in to all the “foo foo†gourmet food. I am a country girl and definitely prefer good old meat and potatoes. Cocotal was the best for breakfast, they had the most “normal foodâ€. Unfortunately, David and I got very, very sick a few days before we left. Full fledged montezuma’s revenge. It was awful. Not sure what we ate or drank. A few of our guests got sick as well. Just go prepared with plenty of tummy medicine. As for the beach, I’m sorry to say that I was really disappointed. I knew ahead of time that the huge sandbags were spread out across the whole resort, but once you see them, it’s really an eye-sore. For that reason only, this resort might not be the best choice if you are wanting the pretty, white, sandy beaches. Deep down that is what I wanted, but our wedding was still amazing and I wouldn’t change it for anything. So hopefully that explains most details. Again, contact me if you have any questions. Having a destination wedding was an amazing experience! You will love every moment of it! Congratulations!!!! So glad you guys had an amazing wedding!!!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Rhonda Hi ladies, I think I could use some of your expert advice....here it goes... I booked my wedding a few months ago for next May at EDR. I visited the resort with my mom and sister. We loved it, BUT, our only reservation was the beach...its not swimmable. I decided to let it go because everything else about the resort is BEAUTIFUL (even though my fiance is also very much a beach/ocean person) So, fast forward to about 2 weeks ago....my parents were in Riviera Maya for another wedding and visited EDR while they were there. When they came back, they told me that they were disappointed with the beach. (My mom has seen this resort before and knew this was an issue). So, then, I started rethinking everything. I started researching resorts AGAIN!! The last thing I want is for people to come all the way to Mexico for my wedding and feel disappointed that they can't go in the water. Anyway, now, I found out that Karisma has a new resort opening in October...the Azul Sensatori, which appears to have a more swimmable beach and looks just as beautiful as EDR. The question is...do I switch resorts?? Am I being totally crazy A few things that the Azul has which EDR does not is that it is family-friendly, which means we don't have to worry about my fiance's 15-year old niece. Also, the price that the TA quoted me is about $70 cheaper per person. BUT, it is a new resort...so, who knows what can happen? It's run by Karisma and has the exact same policies and wedding packages as EDR, so I'm familiar with all of that. I might even be able to keep my same WC. But, EDR is also very nice...I'm SO torn..... Feels good to vent....any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!! A new resort could be a really good thing and if your wedding isn't until May- they would have been open 7 months and hopefully had some of the "new" kinks worked out. I am a beach beach person, and we swam and snorkeled at the beach at EDR. -well, when I say "swam" I mean floated- hehe. The jetskis there were also alot of fun. The beach was a bonus, not a negative with us and our guests- we loved it! I guess it is just an opinion-thing. The one thing that really really stood out with our guests were the beach/pool beds, the amount of pools and swimup bars, the food/quickness/accuracy of room service and the aoveral service of the resort. If you can get all of that at the new resort and will feel more comfortable with the beach-- then I say go with what you feel comfortable with! Good luck!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by BandE2008 So I hear the hair at EDR is great! THANKFULLY! But anyone have their make up done? Do they do a good job? Got hair and makeup both done at EDR- and they did great with both! I believe a few girls, here, did their makeup through EDR and liked it- I def don't remember hearing any complaints! I was happy with mine....
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by pryzeless Here is my getting ready letter that I plan on sending out soon. Let me know what you think and if there are errors. Thanks. I love this-- you did a GREAT job!!! Your guests will really really appreciate it!!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by bechgrl Thank you! I do have a pretty good picture of what I would like to have and I think it is pretty simple so I may skip the trial! I agree with Tracy- they are good there at duplicating a picture. If you have a picture, I don't think you need a trial. I had my makeup done there also, and they did a good job-you don't have anything to worry about!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by pryzeless Can I ask, How did you get bumped up? Did you have to pay extra? I didn't ask or anything- they just told us while we were checking in that we got bumped up to a swim-up. I am assuming there was a mixup or something with bookin and that was the only room they had available and were "covering" some a friend of mine- is slightly disabled and we specifically requested a first floor room for him and his girlfriend- they got bumped up to a Casita bc there were no first floor standard rooms available......
  7. I totally agree- I'd ask to see how much it would cost to make a more obvious sweetheart neckline and add the bling to the top and the bottom/side--- it would look the identical dresses! I love love the style!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by BandE2008 Shannon - The tables you had set up at Tucanes, did you have to pay extra for those I think the actual tables were no charge- we were charged for the white linens and bows on the tables-- I should have kept my spreadsheet--it wasn't alot of money---maybe $7-10 a table!?
  9. I think if you get 2600 or higher- those are the "newer" Casitas.... We were booked for a regular Casita and when we got there got bumped up to a swim-up and loved loved it! We were in 2912... 2 of my girlfriends stayed in a regular casita in the building beside us on the 2nd floor and it was amazing- a straight view of the ocean and their outdoor shower was actually bigger than ours. the rooms at the resort are amazing-most of our guests just had the standard, cheapest room and still was the most beautiful room they'd been in!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Dreamgirl08 Did do ladies do a bouquet toss? How about the Garter thing where hubby takes it off your leg? If so, when did you do this? Would you mind sharing the song you played while these 2 things were being done. Thank you I didn't do a bouquet toss-- I didn't want to give up my bouquet! - I think everyone just thought I was kinda drunk- but I was serious! - we put my bouquet in vases in our room and enjoyed the bouquet the rest of the week! We had our photographer for only 5.5 hours- and since we had before pictures, the ceremony, our cocktail party, dinner, then the reception at Tucanes- he was only at the reception for the first 30 minutes. So when we got to reception, we did the toast, cake cutting, then first dances, then the garter....so he could get pictures of all-- then rest of reception- we played our playlist and everyone danced and drank..... Our song for the garter thing-- marvin gaye's "let's get it on" ..... here are a few garter pictures from reception at Tucanes...
  11. Dana- your pictures are amazing!! Thanks for posting- it's so much fun to look at other EDR bride's pictures! Your bride and reception look just beautiful! CONGRATS!!!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by animaldoc I have a question about the cake cutting, when did everyone do this, on the beach right after the ceremony or did you wait for the reception? Also, did anyone do the champagne toast? Jennifer We did ours at our reception-- and we didn't have a special champagne toast--they had champagne in nice glasses for Vince and I- and it took about 3 minutes for the staff to have drinks in everyone else's hands-- so Vince's brother did a toast right before cake cutting....
  13. Everything looked beautiful, Raychel!!! YAH!! I'm so so so glad your wedding was just perfect! The review was so much fun to read- thanks for posting. I can't wait for more pictures-- and congrats again!!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by animaldoc Shannon, Thank you for posting this, I am now considering bringing our own vows down with us. One question, there is no exchanging of the rings and no I do in the EDR version? Also, you transitioned into what you brought down before the in the name of the law part, did they say that part after the sand ceremony? Jennifer Another bride might correct me- but I don't believe there was any "I DO" in the EDR legal version and def no exchanging of rings in it... We had the the legal portion, vows, ring exchange, then we did the sand ceremony- then they said -you may kiss your bride- and then they pronounced us man and wife-- but actually, I think they did it twice--- pronounced us man&wife at the end of legal part and after sand ceremony- bc I remember giggling a little about it.. We were over with time in our mtg with the WC -- and had spent alot of time on the private events and decorations and flowers-- so we rushed through the ceremony part when we were talking about it in our mtg-- I think if you just print everything out, in exactly the order you want it to go- and make clear notes on the print out-- you can have it in the order you want it. They had the printout I had given them at the mtg-- at the ceremony...
  15. I remember being kinda stressed about how the ceremony was going to go- and it seemed to be a little difficult to get an outline for what was going to happen.. I found this on my computer and thought I'd post- and hopefully will help some of you guys! This is what EDR did- this is the legal ceremony outline that was done at our wedding.... MEXICAN CIVIL MARRIAGE ADVISES (TAKEN FROM OCAMPOS LETTER) LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, ACCORDING TO THE LAWS OF THIS COUNTRY WE ARE GATHERED HERE TO JOIN: MR:_______ AND MS: ___________ BEING THIS A VERY IMPORTANT ACT, I WOULD ASK EVERYBODY TO REMAIN IN SILCENCE. AS WITNESSES OF THIS IMPORTANT ACT PRESENT HERE ARE: _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ WHO WILL SIGN THE MARRIAGE DOCUMENT. A GREAT MEXICAN PHILOSOPHER OF THE NINE CENTURY, MR. MELCHOR OCAMPO WROTE IN THIS LEGENDARY LETTER, THE FOLLOWING WORDS THAT UNTIL TODAY ARE ALWAYS READ IN OUR WEDDING CEREMONIES: “MARRIAGE” IT SAYS IS THE ONLY LEGAL AND MORAL WAY TO FOUND A FAMILY, TO PRESERVE MANKIND AND TO AVOID IMPERFECTIONS OF THE HUMAN BEING WHO ARE ONLY ABLE TO OBTAIN THE PERFECTION OF THE HUMAN RACE, THROUGH MATRIMONY IN A CONJUGAL DUALITY. MEN AND WOMEN HAVE THE SAME RIGHTS, BUT IS IMPORTANT TO OBSERVE THEIR RESPECTIVE OBLIGATIONS. BOTH OF YOU SHOULD HAVE RESPECT,FIDELITY,TRUST AND ASSISTANCE TO ONE ANOTHER AND ALSO TENDERNESS AND LOVE, MUCH LOVE. DO NOT FIGHT WITH ONE ANOTHER, USE YOUR HEADS AND YOUR HEARTS TO CORRECT SOMETHING WRONG. BOTH OF YOU SHOULD BE AWARE OF THE GREAT RESPONSABILITY OF BEING PARENTS, BECAUSE YOU WILL PROVIDE YOUR CHILDREN WITH ATTENTION, GOOD EXAMPLE AND EDUCATION, RESPECT, AND LOVE. PROVIDE THEM WITH AN HONEST WAY OF LIVING, SO THEY CAN SEE IN YOU A WORTHLY EXAMPLE TO FOLLOW DURING THE REST OF THEIR LIVES” NOW I ASK YOUR WITNESS: ARE MR.______________________ AND MS.___________________ PERSONS YOU KNOW WELL?, AND ARE THERE ANY OBJECTIONS FOR THEM TO BE JOINED IN LEGAL MARRIAGE? (EXCHANGE THE RINGS ) IN THE NAME OF THE LAW AND THE SOCIETY AND WITH THE AUTHORITY FROM THE SOLIDARIDAD MUNICIPAL HERE IN PLAYA DEL CARMEN, QUINTNAN ROO MEXICO, I NOW DECLARE YOU HUSBAND AND WIFE. YOU MAY KISS THE BRIDE. I HOPE THAT THIS DOCUMENT THAT I WILL GIVE YOU TODAY REAMAIN SEALED FOREVER, AS WELL AS YOUR COMMITMENT TO FIND TOGETHER THE ETERNAL HAPPINESS THAT BY LOVE YOU HAVE RIGHT TO, ALWAYS TOGETHER PHYSICALLY AND SPIRITUALLY JOINED. PLAYA DEL CARMEN, Q. ROO. EL C. OFICIAL 02 DEL REGISTRO CIVIL C. PROF:LUCIO VARO KANTUN CHI. I'll have to watch the video- bc it's kinda blurry in my head! - but I somewhere in there, the witnesses came up and signed the papers, we signed some papers, and did the stamp thing with our thumb. After that part-- they transitioned pretty easily to this... this is what I took to them and wanted them to add on--- i think the ceremony was a total of 20-25 minutes..... VOWS Minister to Groom – Vince, would you look into Shannon’s eyes and repeat after me: I, Vince, TAKE YOU, Shannon TO BE MY WIFE...TO HAVE AND TO HOLD...FROM THIS DAY FORWARD...FOR BETTER OR WORSE...FOR RICHER, FOR POORER...IN SICKNESS AND IN HEALTH...AND FORSAKING ALL OTHERS...GIVING MYSELF ONLY...AND ALWAYS TO YOU...UNTIL DEATH ITSELF PARTS US. Minister to Bride: Shannon, would you look into Vince’s eyes and repeat after me: I, Shannon, TAKE YOU, Vince, TO BE MY HUSBAND...TO HAVE AND TO HOLD...FROM THIS DAY FORWARD...FOR BETTER OR WORSE...FOR RICHER, FOR POORER...IN SICKNESS AND IN HEALTH...AND FORSAKING ALL OTHERS...GIVING MYSELF ONLY...AND ALWAYS TO YOU...UNTIL DEATH ITSELF PARTS US. You, Vince and Shannon, have pledged your devotion to each other. It is not these words make your marriage real, but the God of love, who has welded your hearts together as one. He has said, “For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother and the two shall become one flesh…What, therefore,God has joined let no man separate”. RINGS Minister to Couple – What token of your love and affection have you to offer each other? Couple – These rings. Minister to Groom – Vince, place this ring on Shannon’s finger. Now while holding her hands please repeat after me: I give you this ring…as a sign…of my love and faithfulness. Minister to Bride –Shannon, place this ring on Vince’s finger. Now while holding her hands please repeat after me: I give you this ring…as a sign…of my love and faithfulness. Vince and Shannon, may these rings be blessed as a symbol of your affectionate unity. Your lives are now joined in one unbroken circle. Wherever you go, may you always return to one another. SAND UNITY CEREMONY Vince and Shannon, you have just sealed your relationship by the giving and receiving of rings. This beautiful sand union is symbolized through the combining of these two individual vessels of sand. The first jar represents you, SHANNON, in all that you were, all that you are, and all that you will ever be, and the other jar represents you, VINCE, in all that you were, all that you are and all that you will ever be. Each one holds its own unique beauty, strength, and character. They can stand on their own and be whole, without need of each other. However, when these two are blended together they create an entirely new and extraordinarily more intricate entity. Each grain of sand brings to the mixture a lasting beauty that forever enriches the combination. When you pour the sand into this common container, it symbolizes the union of your two lives. Just as these grains of sand can never be separated and poured again into the individual containers, so will your marriage be a molding of two individual personalities, bonded together forming one heart, one love. The life that each of you experienced now, individually, will hereafter be inseparably united, for the two shall become one.
  16. Quote: Originally Posted by ctpetch Your slide show is beautiful Shannon. I still have to choose our photos and send that in to them. Did you get your photo album or any other extra photos? If so were you happy with everything? Hey Tracy-- hope you are doing well! --- I haven't gotten the photo album or CD -- only the slideshow.. But I sent in the selections for the slideshow early, bc we are sending out a few annoucements with the slideshow link on it... Hopefully the album and CD will come in the next few weeks-- I'm slightly ADD about the photos- hehe....
  17. Quote: Originally Posted by Dreamgirl08 Quick question for all Riviera Maya or EDR Brides on here, How exactly do you go about booking things such as spa treatments, hair & make-up appointments, massages, and your honeymoon activites/excursions..etc? My FI & I are with honeymoonwishes.com and we're trying to post our gift wishes on the website for guests to purchase for us. But we're having some trouble deciding where to look. Would it be Lomas Travel? If so, I noticed they don't offer many options. FI & I would love to go horseback riding and maybe go snorkeling too, but I didn't see these options on Lomas. Is there another group of professionals that I can work with? How did you make your arrangements? And did you book ahead of time or while there? We booked our spa treatments through Valeria- our WC. A few of our friends (I didnt know until we got there!) just went through EDR directly and bought us like $25/$50/$75 credits toward our room/stay there. They told us about it when we checked in. Those credits would pay for all spa treatments, jet ski rentals, romantic breakfast in bed, private candlelight dinner on the beach-- things like that, that are on the resort, but not included in the AI plan. I know some of my guests used this company-- for tours, excursions and even shuttle to and from airport-- they were really pleased with them.... Mexico Hotels, Mexico Travel Destination Guide, Mexico Vacations
  18. JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!! I LOVE the red accent with the black and white pix! Everything just looks so so so amazing- CONGRATS!
  19. We got our professional slideshow back from Cancun Studios if you guys are interested! :) Vince & Shannon
  20. Our professional slideshow!! Just got the link today-- makes me want to do it all over again! Vince & Shannon
  21. Katrina- your pix are beautiful- your veil and dress are gorgeous! CONGRATS!!!!
  22. Oh yea-- I did the Pearl Sensation spa package that morning-- my spa appt was at 9:30AM-- from 9:30AM to 11AM, then I went back to the room, took a shower, washed my hair (they don't wash your hair at your hair appt), and grabbed a "shuttle" back to the spa for my hair/makeup appt... It was the perfect day-- to have the relaxing massage and facial that morning, and have my hair and makeup that afternoon-- it "filled" up my day- so I wasn't just sitting around, freaking out, but I didn't feel rushed. I DEF recommend a massage or spa treatment the morning of your wedding-- it was the perfect start to the perfect day!
  23. Quote: Originally Posted by pryzeless I was just thinking about this too. My wedding is at 4:00pm and picts starting around 3:15. I was thinking about having the appt either at 12:30 or 1:00. I was thinking it would take about an hour and that leaves over an hour and a half to do other things like makeup. With some buffer. I hate running late and I am sure no everything is going to run in a timely manner so I am going to TRY to be patient and leave extra time. Any suggestions from the married? My wedding was at 4PM and we (my sister and I) had our hair appt at 12PM, and then they did my makeup afterwards.... I thought it was going to be way too early, and I'd be hanging out in my room trying not to mess up my hair and makeup and be aggravated I got it done too soon... I was wrong! I think I got back to my room around 2PM, my parents and sister came over to my room at 2:30PM, (to help me get dressed, do my jewerly, and just hang out) and the photog showed at 3:15PM....it was perfect timing- I didn't feel rushed, but I def didn't feel like I was just hanging out, waiting.....
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