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Re: Warning ROR - *update in post #7*

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Hey Ladies,


It is so unfortunate to finally find out what happened to Robin Depaula on the evening after our wedding. We had a photoshoot scheduled at 7pm and when we showed up, she wasn't there. I called her room numerous times and even went to check up on her thinking she might have overslept. When I got to her room there was no answer. Some of my guests along with my new husband branched out to look all over the resort for her and we couldn't find her anywhere, so we started to get worried. When we didn't hear from her by 9pm we figured we would speak to her in the morning being that the resort still had her checked in as a guest. By the morning we called her room again and still no answer. I called the front desk again and they said she had checked out. Because of so much limited communication I was unable to find out what happened to Robin until we got back to the states.


I just got home and it pisses me off find out that one of my guests was treated so horribly (photographer or not). I am promptly going to follow-up with Riu management to find out exactly what happened that night and why I was not notified of any of this information. I was surprised to come home and check my email and then read the forum to see exactly what happened (I hate to be the last to know).


I will post my review shortly. Other than the photography issue our wedding was beautiful.



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I really hate that Robin is so nice! LOL

She needed to give those people a piece of her mind!!! Although I'm sure its scary to be in a foreign country, alone, and accosted! But they can't just treat people that way, especially when the resort says that they ALLOW outside photogs!


All that said, I'm glad that this happened after the wedding and that you were still able to have a wonderful day.

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I know this photography situation is getting a little bit hectic at Riu.


I spoke to Michael today who was a complete gentlemen and questioned him about this incident that occurred with Robin. He was completely unaware and had no idea what I was speaking of. He also informed me that it could not have been anyone from the photoshop that approached Robin because the Photoshop was closed and they are not there on Sundays.


I don't want Riu Ocho Rios to lose business because of an incident that may have occurred. The resort is a beautiful location for any occassion and the wedding coordinator is a wonderful person to work with.


Michael went on to further state that although he does not like other photographers on the resort because it takes business away from him, he has no control over other photographers being there. He also stated that he has to pay rent to be there and he is nothing but a vendor at the resort. Like I said he was a complete gentleman about the whole conversation. He told me that I should speak with management at Riu and he gave me the hotel number to contact. I will keep everyone updated on this situation (if anyone cares to know).

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