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~~**Make-up finishing spray-keep make up fresh and on in the HEAT!~~**

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Im posting this in attire-because I believe make-up is part of our attire for our weddings!


Ok so on the Today show 2 days ago-they did a make-up session (segment?)


There was a girl who was there reviewing products-various ones.


The one that caught my eye was from Untitled Page

It is called 'make-up finishing spray".

It resists color loss, resists creasing, and sets your makeup for flawless look -in the sun and HEAT!


I read all about it-it got amazing reviews! dermatologist tested, fine for sensitive skin. ( which I have-I usualy only use Clinique or aveeno)

It is 29.00 on www.skindanavaia.com


My FI went to ULTA and got it for me ( i saw it there) 29 bux-but you can use one of those uLTA coupons ( if you dont have one-do a google search) Its 3.50 off a 10 purchase-not much but something at least! The lady said its been selling like mad this week-he got the last bottle! (Today show worked I guess)


Sephora didnt carry it! sad.gif


Im gonna use it-I think it will really help. They have a whole scientific reason for how it works-cools your face and keep it cool to hold make up perfectly!


Hope this helps someone!!

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I will let ya know how it worked when I get back-for sure! Ill let my MOH and anyone else use it too and see how it works!! Thelady at ULTA said its always out on their stations to put on women after they do makeup for people....like trials or whatever. They had a ton of samples at the stations...so I hope its awesome!

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