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OMG...my little sister is pregnant!!!


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I'm in total shock...happybunny_4.gif...but shocked. My sister and I are about 7 years apart, but shared a room growing up and as a result, became very close. I think in my head I still picture her as the cute little thing that drove me nuts and always got in my stuff..LOL.


She and her husband went on a 1 year anniversary trip to St. Thomas in mid June. It looks like they created a anniversary baby. I'm super happy for them. I can't wait to see how she looks at 6 months...she is tiny (5'3" & 100Lbs soaking wet) and I think the baby will begin to show very quickly.


I guess it's a blessing that we decided to elope and have it be just the 2 of us becuase I would have just lost my MOH. smile02.gif

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