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Anyone have Sirius? and listen to Cosmo Radio 111???


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I listen to Cosmo Radio everyday on the way to and from work -


Taylor, Kenny, and Victoria on Wake-up with Cosmo - are hilarious. I love their topics and laugh pretty much the whole way to work.


On the way home I always listen to Patrick and Megan on Cocktails with Patrick.


I am curious to know if any of the BDW ladies are listeners?

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We have Sirius' date=' but it's always stuck on Howard Stern. Matie is slightly obsessed and I can't deny, I kinda love it tooQUOTE']


I have Sirius and love it! It's so much more entertaining than regular radio. I highly recommend it, they offer such a great variety. I'm really excited about the merge and getting to hear XM too. I also have to admit loving Howard 100! I haven't listened to Cosmo 111 but will have to check it out!

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I didn't know that XM and Sirius were merging...


Yari: the martha stewart channel isn't really that good - I've given it a chance now and again... but the main people on there are all her weird guests.


jkcz0702: their topics are insane - and freakin hilarious. I love it when Taylor gets on a rant about everybody being a "sexual deviant" - or Kenny and Patrick get on their kick about their boyband "Room Temperature"


For anyone that has Sirius and hasn't checked out channel 111 you MUST - You'll laugh your buns off!

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Originally Posted by Jen5372 View Post
I ONLY have it on Howard 100! I listen to the replays-I hate Bubba and the other one with the smoker voice!! I have checked out other stations....not 111, Ill have to check it out after howard :)
I mostly have it on Howard 100 too! I'm a 100 addict :). I'm not so into Bubba or the other guy either.
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Karen and I got Sirius mostly for Howard Stern when he first moved over to Sirius. I gotta admit though......I rarely listen to the show anymore. I listened from when I was about 15 all the way up to now which is like 15+ years. I just can't really get into it anymore for some reason.


Lately it's been all the music channels that have me going. The reggae channel is awesome, Lithium is good, Backspin is the shit and yes......I'll admit it........I listen to Cosmo when Karen and I are in the car together. The morning show is really really funny sometimes. At least I have Kenny on the show to keep me from feeling completely outnumbered.

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