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Hi -


I've been stalking around this site for months and am finally posting! Just wanted to thank all of the girls on this site, I have learned so much!! I'm getting married at Secrets Capri Riviera, but my fiance and I have also stayed at Barcelo Colonial and the Royal in PDC, so if anyone has any questions, let me know. I look forward to chatting with everyone! Here is my info:



October 31, 2008

Secrets Capri Riviera - Playa del Carmen

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Hi Melissa!


I'm so excited to see another Secrets Capri bride on here! I'm set to get married there in April 2009. I'm looking forward to sharing info with you! Actually, i have a question, i was just considering trying to get an outside wedding coordinator to work with alejandra at the resort and i contacted a couple. one gave me a quote, the other said the resort doesn't allow any outside wedding coordinators, do you know anything about that? it just seems like Alejandra is super busy, and i'm pretty picky and am a little unsure of what i'm going to see when i actually get there based on the emailing we've done so far. plus, i think some of the vendors are a bit overpriced. since you're coming up fairly soon i'm assuming you are well through your planning! that is so exciting! welcome!

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