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Casa Del Mar Bride

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Hello Ladies!

I'm new to the site and I'm getting married on 10/27/07 at Casa Del Mar.


Here is what I have so far...


WC- Amy Abbot- Fiesta Los Cabos

Photographer- Juan Carlos Tapia

Site- Casa Del Mar


I have yet to pick out my flowers, cake, welcome dinner site, dj, videograhper, trio... yeah- I'm way behind!!


Anyone have any suggestions for flowers- I don't want to go for anything to elaborate, since the guests will not be able to take them home.


Thanks for your help!!!

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You have made some fabulous choices so far. Your WC, site, and photog are top notch.


What colors are you thinking? We kept our flowers really simple and used limes in our centerpieces because they are cheap and vibrant (and Mexico-y!). For video I'd recommend Marcie - her screen name on this board is BVP.


Do you want your welcome dinner in Cabo, San Jose, or on the corridor?

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Welcome! You should definitely talk to Natasha - she just had her wedding ther e in November. I rememberr her saying that because CDM is so beautiful and there are bougainvilla all over that you don't need much in the way of flowers and decorations to make a difference.


I think she may have done pink gerber daisies (which match the bougainvilla)... but I can't remember if that's true or not!

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Welcome!!! I am looking to be married in Oct/Nov of 2007 and that is all I know so you are way ahead of me. The girls on here have amazing ideas and helpful information so you are in the right place. :)

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Thanks all for the replies!!

I can already tell you guys are going to be awesome!!!


So my wedding colors are going to be teal(i.e. turquoise, robins egg blue, aqua) and brown.


Has anyone heard of Dino- Video pictronica?

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Yes - Dino photographed my wedding. He was absolutely wonderful to work with and he knows Casa Del Mar and the lighting very well. I did not have a video done but I can highly recommend him for photography.


As Kash said, I had my wedding at CDM. I did pink gerber daisies and did like how they blended with the plants around the hotel. You really don't need a lot of decorations or flowers.


Here's my advice:

-Do the cake via the hotel. They have a great tres leches and they replicated the cake style that I wanted. I had it included in the cost for dinner by removing a bunch of hte other dessert offerings (totally didn't need those).

-If you can afford $675 - have firedancers.

-See if you can get CDM to do your welcome dinner there for $40-50 per person. If you pay just a bit more, they'll decorate the area with very cool stuff (tell them you want their Mexican fiesta look). Plus, they'll include a bonfire and your guests can roast their own marshmellows. Here's a picture - we didn't pay extra for any of this nor did we have to involve ourselves in any decisions - they did it all.


Click the image to open in full size.


-Do pay per drink - it saved us A TON - especially for the welcome dinner as our guests were so liquered up by that time they didn't want anything else to drink.

-You can get CDM to agree to a $40 pp menu and the food is really good.


You can go to shawnandnatasha.phanefare.com password cabo. You can see all our pictures.

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